liar liar pants on fire

fastest way to piss amy off? lie. in any color, shape or form... lie and you'll encounter the blackest face and a death stare.

well actually, i don't know if it's the lie that gets to me or the fact that the person thinks they can get away with bamboozling me. like the time at the dentist.. i scared off 3 other adult patients in his waiting room at the tender age of 8. if i saw him again, i would still tell him "serves you right."

my two front milk teeth needed to be extracted.. the new ones were too cramped and wouldn't descend properly otherwise. mr dentist thought he was oh-so-smart to suddenly talk to me in a singsong voice as he inched towards me, half-hunched with his hands behind his back. i was wary already. a glint of metal from somewhere behind his white coat confirmed my suspicions but i didn't let on. i let him come towards me. he was trying to distract me and keep me talking so he could opportunistically whip out my teeth. i played his game. he said he wanted to see my teeth again and that's when i turned my head away from him. he got desperate, tried to wrench my clenched jaws open... big boo boo, buddy. in order to do so, he needed both his hands and thus exposed the metal pliers he was hiding behind his back. that was the last straw... i yelled bloody murder pretty much, kicking and screaming in that dentist chair of his until he staggered out the room covering his ears to find my parents.

i heard them conspire in whispered voices just outside the door. braced myself for the next wave of attack and the man had the gall to tell me i was mistaken, that he didn't want to extract my teeth just now. being 8 years old, i just reacted and screamed more bloody murder. this time, i called him a liar too. i still remember his face scrunched up in anger and frustration. ultimately, my parents did the distracting and each pulled out a tooth. betrayed by my own family.. sigh. i wasn't expecting that but it ended the ordeal. i later got lightly rebuked for scaring away the next 3 patients in the waiting room with all that screaming but my mom understood why i got so mad and found me a new dentist.

heh, sorry for getting carried away with nostalgia. i was harping on lies because i met up with another prof today who was helping me sort out my issue. i'm dealing with one screwed up faculty, i tell ya. man, would i like to find out who told the year manager "amy has been informed. someone called her last week and she already knows her appeal didn't get through" you are one naive bastard, whoever you are. that statement is so wrong in so many ways...

1. i never received a phone call. i was the one who called up one of them (namely the program convener) and he told me that as far as he knows, my appeal was rejected but this is unofficial information because i needed to receive something in writing
2. both persons i've talked to regarding appeal results have emphasized that what they're telling me was unofficial
3. even if someone from the faculty DID call me to tell me that my appeal was rejected... it wouldn't count for shite when done over the phone.

the prof made a note of that, scribbling that i have not met with any faculty member save the obs/gyn prof who was just as clueless as me... or likes to make the impression that he's clueless. i have my doubts. mr dean of medicine, i hope your head is screwed on properly to your shoulders. i hope that you'll be able to see how ridiculous this whole situation is and that you have some very irresponsible staff. i don't want compensation for whatever policies you guys breach. just do me justice by following your own course outline and pass me.

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