just wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin'

you know i'm in a good mood when i start humming or bathroom singing =) what brought about the crooning? besides watching the australian idol auditions and nearly pissin' myself laughing with some of the loonies that showed up, there was also some good news of finishing our team's grand round powerpoint presentation for tomorrow.

loading individual CT slices, one slice per ppt slide for three different CT sessions was definitely not fun. at least the end result was kinda worth it - it was like watching one of those flipbooks going thru all the CT slices back to back.

i also came across something right up my alley, something that's on par in my books with the likes of coolhunting *beams*

if i had a wishlist, it'd look like coxi's life fever. one more reason why i can't wait to move out and start house hunting and decorating. now if they'd just approve my appeal so i can get on with my life... seriously, They'd be so liable for inflicting emotional trauma. i'm sure i could come up with a valid arguement and get a psychiatrist to back me up.

in the meantime, here's something sappy. found it as a fowarded email from my cousin angie.. forwards usually never make it into my inbox, let alone have the glory of taking up the full area of my monitor. this one did, and aside from the usual pishposh about having bad luck for the next umpteenth years if you break the chain... this one's actually kinda sweet.

family. 'twas described as father and mother i love you. now say it with me... awwwwwwww!

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