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flicked on the tv and happened to catch the opening ceremony of the winter olympics @ torino. *immediately gets infected with the exhilaratingly effervescent atmosphere* i miss that. i miss the days of conferences and parades. i miss the days when i was somebody, even if i really wasn't. it was nice to think one was a somebody. watching the opening ceremony stirred up dusty sleepy memories where i was on pedestals as high as those of the athletes, where i was part of the energetic activity instead of standing in the shadowy sidelines.

i get these random bouts of being inspired. not inspiration per se. just this incredible feeling as if seeing the world for the first time in full technicolor. a wonderful feeling where i can feel my eyes sparkle and hear the accompanying tinkling sound effects. a feeling that opens my eyes to all the things i could possibly do, can possibly achieve and how little time there is to do everything i want to do, try all that i want to try. i think you saw a smidgen of that exuberance when i contemplated about second chances *starts to sing i believe i can fly*

....*rewinds* urm. not quite, but you get the idea, no?

one thing @ the opening ceremony that caught my attention, besides the cute athletes and clothes each country was wearing, was taiwan's entry. i was complaining earlier how unfair it was that hong kong gets their own placard and entry as a different country contingent from china, except that they tacked on "republic of china" after "hong kong" - why could hong kong be allowed to enter when taiwan gets banned from joining anything that china's already in?! after all, taiwan already is known as a republic of china. it says so on my passport dammit. *throws a tantrum*

i had to swallow my own words a bit later when guess which country saunters in ..."chinese taipei"



"more commonly known as taiwan...it will be interesting to see what kind of reception they'll get when they next march into the olympics in beijing" the running ozzie commentary said.

i'd gladly step up on my personal soapbox and launch into a tirade dedicated to those brainwashing eloquent folks controlling the great empire of china for yes, it will be interesting to see how taiwan is received, if even that, at the next olympics... yet i don't fancy having my butt sued off. after all, acidflask merely pissed off one lone figure in singapore and had his life turned upside down for months. could u imagine pissing off a commi...urm china equivalent?

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