a second chance

'twas keeping my fingers busy by clicking around flickr. i noe, i'm an egomaniac. i trawl through my own photostream ranked on "interestingness" and i'm glad i did. a second chance for old pics. i rediscovered some photos of yore and found this one titled patchy. change bradley to amy, his to her and there you have it. how apt... even the caption fits =)

...and then bradley got his heart and head patched

'tis the day before chinese new year. a second chance at starting this awful year right. up and at 'em! *beams* i'll never forget something my laoba once told me *waves hi to mikey* ~ 'twas something i never really realized about myself, or thought true. time has subsequently revealed to me what some others already knew. i'm a people person, i'm a pseudo-introvert. all those myers-briggs personality tests say so. it must be so. well, i know so =)

getting out of the house, seeing friends and catching up these past few days has done wonders for my downcast lackluster spirit. seeing other friends online and sharing emo times hasn't been too bad either. i'm beginning to feel a lot better as the world that i'm familiar with slowly rebuilds itself, as more friends return from their holiday haitus. watch out world, amy's ready to tackle the new year =)

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