*knock knock*

excuse me mister neighbor,
could i have a bit of your time
for i'd like to tell you,
you have a very horrible whine.

i can hear you through the common wall,
the one that shakes each night
from all that stomping you've been doing
with your gf when you fight.

excuse me mister neighbor,
i don't mean to be rude
when i bang against my bedroom wall,
i'm sorry i'm such a prude.

i can handle your banshee wailings,
i can handle your gf whining,
i can handle the door's constant slamming
but PUH-LEEZ, can you stop the stomping!

it's slowly driving me insane
like the lubdub of the tell-tale heart
except there's plenty of differences
my conscience is clear for a start.

both your tempers must be very short
or else there'd be less banging
let me clarify, i mean kitchen cupboards
just so nothing's left hanging o.0

i think by now, you should understand
what i'm trying to say
if you like being an elephant,
please save it for safari day

i hope you have the gift of empathy
so you'll know how it feels
to have your ceiling fixtures shudder
like when baby dumbo kneels.

if you are so unfortunate
to still not understand
i would gladly show you
by hiring a marching band.

i think by now that i'm truly rambling
so i better let you go.
i think i've taken too much of your time
but you'll still see me as friend, not foe.


sy said...

woo.. such musings admist exams?
nice verses, but i hope it's not as bad as it sounds...

Jme said...

Aemii dearie, COMPLAIN already. Unless you think he's going to turn violent on you; knock on his door and tell him what you think. But if he's wailing instead of shouting/screaming, he probably won't put up much of a fight anyway. Threaten with Stacy, Nicole, Kevin, if have to. (I probably wouldn't mention Rowan, since he'll just laugh in your face.) ^^

æmii ~ said...

sy.. i never learnt the meaning of fear despite repeated crash-and-burns it seems :\ but yes, it's exactly as bad as stated. the aluminum frames of my light fixtures buzz with each stomp...

jme ~ haha, i keep saying "i'll give him one more chance." the prob is that it comes and goes. by the time i'm ready to call him, it's dead silent! >.< will bug rachel soon if this keeps up...