take the genes of an incessant worrier and add them to those of a meticulous planner. ditch a few other genes in the process and sprinkle a dash from the unlabelled flask nearby. finish the concoction by brushing the stray genes left on the countertop and you get me.

vacations are supposed to be easy breezy. you're supposed to have fun picking out places to visit and maybe throw in a squabble or two if one has siblings. they're not supposed to be a carefully planned miliatary operation like how mine's sorta turning out. i'm off to perth tomorrow for the PSANZ conference, the one to do with the research project i helped work on last year. (of all the things it could've been called, my first research publication/poster was merrily titled "Australasians talk about sex more than the rest of the world!" by doc wright. no, it's not what you think...) i'll prolly be meeting a few friends and my cousin before i return back to newie if everyone's schedules allow for it =)

will also be planning to send mr snuffles to the doll hospital in sydney. there's supposed to be one in every state and it took me forever to find it, let alone decide.. i wanted to fix him up. he's got a hernia ...his pellet bag must've bust open and now you can feel little knobbly pellets jiggling in his feet. on the other hand, fixing him up would mean surrendering him to unknown bearmakers and horrors of horrors should he come back with new and replaced parts. i'm a stickler for originals you see... but well, '06 has so far been a year for new beginnings and so i'm thinking "why not?" crossed fingers for mr snuffles.. i'm not expecting a speedy discharge from the hospital so he'll be missed for the next few weeks at home. poor little bugger has no idea he's going to the doctor's... all he knows is that he'll be on his first flight ever as a stowaway to perth.

as odd as it may seem, i finally understand how patients feel when they keep putting off appointments. they're scared. they don't noe what to expect. they want to be fixed, they want to get well but that desire's been outweighed and overshadowed by doubt, distrust and anxiety. i just went thru that with mr snuffles although my case, it ain't exactly a life or death situation. nevertheless, i can now tell them "i know" and really mean it. not that i didn't mean it before... i just thought i knew, you know?

and just for random's sake... if someone had a flight to catch at 3am saturday night, just when everyone was supposed to turn their clocks back an hour, would the person need to check in an hour earlier at 2am or at 4am?

ponderings aside, i need to pack my bags for tomorrow =) if you don't know me by nowwwww... you will never ever eve- *cuts the singing* as i was saying, if you know what i'm like, you should be expecting a flurry of pictures from the next few days up at my flickr and a trip recap at the end of the week =)

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