good news, bad news. back to good, another round of bad. a vicious cycle but really, without the bad, how can you call something good? even if you managed to find a way to, i doubt the goodness would be appreciated as much without previous helpings of badness.

bad news would be that it's been a week and i still haven't managed to ditch those yellow boogers. admittedly, i'm not as miserable as booyahman but it's still not much fun to have a constantly dripping nose. aloe vera kleenex has prevented further peeling and taken away the pain after every nose wipe but nothing more. good news is that my appetite hasn't waned even once... i still gobble up chocolates faster than cookie monster does with his cookies, i still hanker after certain foods including dumplings. was reminded they existed during the tzuching camp so i went looking for round white dumpling skins but had to make do with square yellow wonton ones. hmph.

sad news would be the possible lack of wedding bells for an old friend. silly as it sounds, i nearly sobbed tears of indignation as she recounted and vented. felt really helpless, unable to even give her a simple hug. happy news would be the engagement of another old friend. a birthday she will never forget, no doubt =)

depressing news would be my 8am start at the OTs tomorrow. blue scrubs to match a blue mood at the return to classes. delightful news would be realization of a week cut short with the weekend looming close... wheee!

worrying news would be the backlog of work to plod through. news of relief is that i won't torture you all with this drawn-out exercise and should go offline.

OOoo ooh, for those of you who use google calendar... my own aemii's, bdaes & holidays and schmacademics calendars are up for linking. would love to be able to sync schedules with all you busybodies scattered across the various continents! (pssst lu, this means better and/or more frequent planning of rendevous! should drag liz along for the next one...)

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