just wanted to let you know...

...that my presentation didn't go as smoothly as i'd have liked it to but it's over and done with.

kleenex anti-viral was a new discovery. their "kills 99% of cold & flu viruses* in the tissue" with "*virucidal against influenza A&B (causes of the flue), rhinoviruses type 1A and 2 (leading cause of the common cold) and respiratory syncytial virus (rsv - leading cause of lower respiratory infection in children.)" small print was impressive. that's not what brings me back tho. it's the pretty kleenex tissue itself with itty bitty pretty blue mizutama happily dancing across like waves of pollen that keeps me blowing my nose, sneeze after sneeze =)

i'm also still on my adrenaline rush from all my newfound friends from this past weekend. like i said, it was like going home... on a frowny note, i'm missin all the goofy times we had, short as they might've been. i'm also now sporting a croaky sore throat and dribbling neon boogers that could be distant cousins to melted kryptonite. *sniffles*

on a happy note, i've just received a notice to pick up a registered parcel from the mail room. i'm hoping it contains mr snuffles ~ it's been 2 weeks and i miss him =( mr snuffles, come home soon. mr booger and his yellow friend are dying to meet you!

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