that mysterious blue slip arrived in the mailbox, the one that announced the arrival of a registered package waiting to be picked up in the mailroom. picked it up, i did! the heart did a marathon of *lubdubs* as i sped home to open it up. mr snuffles was gonna suffocate in there!!

working the penknife with the skill and agility of macgyver, i raced to free mr snuffles from his cardboard prison. a very sorry sight greeted me... mr. snuffles! what have they done to you?! seeing him bound and gagged by a magenta ribbon in a recyclable plastic bag, i couldn't decide whether to laugh or cry. a sweet gesture by the doll hospital to send him home all tied up with ribbon, i must say. very cute =)

the doll hospital must not have been that bad, snufflewuggles... don't give me that look! it was for your own good, getting that hernia of yours repaired! and look at you! you've put on weight in there. your butt's no longer saggy and you look 10 years younger =)

he's been home for a day or two now and he still doesn't believe that he's been fixed. still grumpy at the fact that he was sent away for 2 weeks, grumpy that it was all disguised under the veil of a vacation. at the moment, he's still getting used to his firmer butt. actually, i am too. it packs a wallop of a punch when he inadvertently sits on me now. hmph.

mr snuffles, hurry and wear in your new butt! you've got a few newfound friends that wish you a speedy recover and want to play with you! one day, someday... he'll hopefully get to meet sad sam and have that fight with yoshi bear =)


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