a different kind of splish splashing

the sun is out with nary a cloud to cast any shadows of relief. the waters are turquoise, crystal clear with sparkles reflecting millions of tiny twinkles. the sea breeze playfully dances with the blanket of warmth draped over the shoulders. refreshingly icy coolness laps at the ankle, whirlpools of sand tickling between the toes.

the horizon looks so tantalizing near as you wade out into the immense expanse of freedom and new adventures. pumped to tackle the world, you suddenly lose that grainy footing. no more ticklies. you see shadows zooming past out of the corner of your eye. icy water rushes up your nose and you splutter and chortle. splish splash goes the arms, flailing haphazardly as you slowly lose sight of the horizon. everything begins to go pink and blurry, you start forgetting where you are...disorientated

do you ever get days like these? i hope you never do.

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