the calm before a storm

seems like there have been a lot of bones to pick recently. busy busy.
certain posts have irked me for the sheer fact that they paint an untrue picture.
certain comments have irked me for the sheer miscommunication apparent.
funny how they both lead down the same road.
not funny how tension has been discretely bubbling for some time now.

i almost blew my top for all to see. in fact, i did blow my top behind the sanctuary of my screen. i almost opened my vintage pandora's box. that'd be a chilling sight to behold, let me warn you. a few things did leak as i cracked the box's seal but a few people quickly wrenched the box away, caught the bad vibes and returned them to their locked resting place.

deep breaths. deep breaths.
listen to the wise one...

[mr v] says:
bad karma does you no good


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