april fools is no excuse!

with the amount of whinging and incredulous indignation pouring out from each chilipadi pore of mine today, i wish it was some cruel concoction of an april fools' joke gone too far. be warned, beware. a rant of aemii proportions is about to happen. familiar with richter scales? this one would come close to the Big One all californians have come to dread.

where do i start? where, in this mess of inane inefficiency do i start? shall we discuss the state of the dryers in the laundry room? yes, the lonely three who have diligently served bara for the past 5 years. it's been a month since the first dryer broke down and reported for maintenance. it's been 2 weeks since the 2nd dryer broke down. excuse me for being naive - i believed the management would've had enough time to at least fix the first one. maybe they would've had enough sense to fix the 2nd one in one session, but that might've been hoping for too much. apparently, even the first hope was a tad too far fetched. one dollar poorer, one hour later... my clothes were as damp and heavy leaving the dryer as they were entering it.

and then there's my bathroom light. as romantic as it sounds to shower in candlelight, it's highly irritating to light up 10 tealights and grab my candeloos with a secret fear of burning down the whole building with one careless toppled candle onto my shaggy bathroom rug. and no, the rug stays. *makes angry face* maintenance form was put in friday afternoon. picked up by friday night. light still dead as minced meat by saturday night. on-call caretaker was NOT on call. campus security had to come, two of them... to change a lightbulb, my lightbulb. does this not remind you of those "how many people does it take to change a light bulb" jokes? trust me when i assure you that at the end of this fiasco, the answer will be more than 4. their master key didn't fit the newly changed lock to the storeroom, the deputy warden had to be called. key was nowhere to be found, they will try to find it first thing tomorrow morning and get someone to change my lightbulb. i'll believe it when i see artificial light flooding my bathroom.

shall i continue? what about anj's temperamental toilet bowl... the one with a mind of it's own, letting out sighs shaming those of moaning myrtle's every ten minutes or so? her maintenance slip was put in 2 months ago. or what about those stomping elephants from last year who have morphed into bouncing rhinos upstairs? is a year's worth of complaints and phone calls not enough? do i need to book myself into the nearest mental institution with a padded room to stay away from vibrating ceilings and furniture? will i then only escape from becoming chicken little??

do not be fooled by the eggshell exterior of enchanting studio apartments with the latest state of the art comforts. entering medicine turned me caustically cynical, entering bara turned me cantankerously churlish.

*sigh* i haven't whinged about this place for a while. now and then, a whinge-fest bubbles to the surface of apparent calm. that's the trouble with suppressing things. you always end up with at least a wedgie, hurting yourself the most in the process. some people say.. take a deep breath, let it go. just let it go. pishposh! i'd like you to tell me that with a straight face the next time you find yourself roused from sleep at 2am in the morning by burnt toast because the idiots were smart enough to install smoke detectors next to the stove.

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