88 turns of the hands on the clock

a lot can happen in 88 turns of those big hands on the clock... just think 24. the tv show, not the magic number.

after a harrowing last 48 turns of the big clock hand comprising of a total of 3 turns of intermittent sleep, i arrived home safe and sound thanks to network all travel albeit sporting a very fashionable half-closed eye look highlighted by puffy dark eyebag accents and a slight limp. removal of newly-discovered horrible walking colorado clogs revealed various lines and patches colored in glorious shades of wine red and purple on one side, stbborn annoying disgusting calli callousi callouses on the other. the painful patch at my hip was a bonus, just so it matched my feet. a sprinkling of red speckles beautiful enough to shame a robin's egg greeted me. there must be some unaccounted factor triggering my jean-burn only after the 3rd day of wearing commenced but im in no mood or state to conduct a scientific experiment to determine the aforementioned factor.

head swirling like a whirlpool,
tidal waves of travel thoughts and visions
sweep across the turquoise ocean calm
yet return will be one of my missions

to the place of course, not the current state
consisting of pink elephants and polka dots
few drugs does this humble home keep
but of sleep deprivation, i sure have lots

· ¤ · ¤ · ¤ · ¤ · ¤ ·

98 turns of the hands on the clock
10 hours of blissful sleep later
11am on a beautiful saturday morning

one blog post to finish from last night...
and no mr. snuffles to hug! *wails* he's been successfully admitted at the doll's hospital but they could only fix his hernia. looks like i'll be needing to scout around for teddy bear specialists to fix his grubby ears and nose. trekked up a neverending hill with gerbs to send snufflelumps to the hospital (and subsequently gave up less than 500m from it, succumbing to a taxi ride) only to be told there wasn't a thing to be done about his grubbiness. it was a teddy bear equivalent of being handed a sentence of skin cancer and my heart sank through the floor...as if it wanted to keep poe's telltale heart company under those wooden floorboards. even if he was ripped apart at the seams and thoroughly washed would his grubby nose and ears remain that icky patchy mess =( poor little snuffles took along a lotta of hugs and ji-in's well wishes as he was weighed and measured for height at hospital admissions. brave little 'un he was =) a photolog of his little adventure is at flickr.

perth itself was very tranquil. much bigger than newie, much more relaxed than sydney, much cozier than brisbane and much smaller than melbourne. i kinda liked it actually!

the conference itself was really interesting. plenty of tips and tricks of the trade, plenty of networking. possibly snagging another research project... maybe.

the meetups went as planned =D big shouts to laziicat, j, wx and family and my cousin for taking the time for a chat or two over scrumptious food! i saw a different snippet of perthian life with each, so thank you and thank you again =)

i had a few pathetic moments happen during the various gaps of free time, but they were fun on hindsight. the type of fun you half groan half giggle at, telling yourself you can't believe you're doing this. the type of thing that happens after a full day's conference program with a 2 hour wait for dinner plans with the rest of the jhh crew that went, only to be smsed saying that nobody could be found and one was heading towards hypoglycemialand, so sort yourself out or try to get in touch with them yourself. my tummy wasn't happy and i made a beeline for the room service menu. what a life... mr snuffles, a pizza to myself + hot piping garlic naan and the teevee. snuggling under fluffy hotel comforters propped by 4 pillows and the aircon turned down low... mmmmhmm! pathetically comfy.

my solo tour was great ~ one tends to realize what a small world this is on trips it seems. there must be some unwritten, unproven theorem where the number of miles away from home is inversely proportional to the proximity by association of a total stranger met enroute. ran into a nurse from the jhh i've never seen before. also gallavanted around freemantle with a fellow 'merican from georgia. there were of course the obligatory retirees on the same tour, having a free and easy vacation with perpetual smiles of sunshine beaming in all directions.

a few more pix to fix up ~ i'll leave you with a scene from my last nite there =)

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