my bluefaerii obsession

it's unnerving, when stressed, what one will do
obsession is not what i usually woo!
although i adore munching on scrumptious itty blueberries,
i hope they didn't induce this recent spate of blue fairies.

a new project, i would like to embark
hopefully it'll let me make my mark.
it's currently just a fuzzy vision
realizing it will be my newest mission.

Procrastination and Panic have sought older friends,
they decided to leave me so i could make amends.
'twas a rough little parting, 'twas feeling a tad empty
this promptly resulted in some retail therapy o.0

an uncluttered desk, some brand new toys
thanks to some of my eshopping joys =)
lotsa changes are in store
to attitude, outlook and lots more.

my supervisor was worried, what a sweetie
he didn't want me to be another repeatee.
despite the stigma attached to the concern
extra long case sessions are exactly what i yearn!

an unfortunate planning of everyone's schedule
made help as scarce as unflammable fuel!
i needed to explain my little predicament,
just to enlighten the prof's acumen.

apologies to friends, i'd love to chat
wait for me come april, i can't before that. =(
there's still plenty to cover, in terms of books
facts and figures still hide in crannies and nooks...

but i know things will be fine
for my dear, don't you see..
i've got the blue faerii & little lübblii
they're constantly watching over me!

i hope things are well
for friends near and far
if things could be better,
you can borrow my wishing star =)

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