oddball family

drove an hour-odd to get to class today, only to change into surgical scrubs and hang around the operating theater for 30-odd minutes before anyone had a clue as to who our surgeon was and what we were supposed to be doing. it wasn't until another 10-odd minutes into surgery that we realized what kind of surgery the patient was undergoing. by that time, the probe had already been retracted and the surgeon was pulling his gloves off with a resounding snap.

what followed was a day full of oddities - quirky sense of humors, incessant stares directed at each of us only to be softened by a twinkle and a wink, being asked how high my stream of pee would reach in the air if i peed on my back, eliciting how long one takes to finish a pee in seconds, that famous stamp of the bladder and ureters @ mcneil's to name a few. oh and of course, the hordes of dirty aunts and grandmas we all couldn't possibly have because urinary tract infections don't stem from anything women do in particular, especially not bad hygiene.

at the end of the day, despite an unstoppable flow of jaw-dropping gapes and wide-eyed grimaces being exchanged by the four of us @ gosford today, i've realized that i too am an oddball, thoroughly enjoying every awkward grin. and you know what? i kinda like it =)

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