connecting, with strings

so many connections started happening after exams ended. they were horrible, i might add. especially the obs/gyn paper. 5+ hours of exams without a break - no food, no water (i thought i'd be tough and ditch my choc nibblies. bad idea!) in freezing rooms and colder examiners... only to finish and have someone decide to drain all the swimming pools up there in the sky. cold, tired, hungry and feeling very sick. what a way to exams. i guess i had it pretty good tho. my friend was so strung up she puked that morning and went thru all i did with only 3 hours of intermittent sleep. poor girlie =(

i've scribbled out a bunch of random musings and thoughts. apologies if i lose you halfway...

connection #1: PSANZ is the conference that i might be speaking at assuming the abstract gets accepted (now he tells me it's not an auto-acceptance thing after he got me all excited!), tho the webby's last year's program. one's never contented with what one has eh.. last year's webby looks a lot classier than this year's webby but i guess neither help. i'm just as confused about the whole point of the conference as before. lotsa doctors to meet, hopefully lotsa pediatricians who are interested in students' wellfare and such so i can bug them about my future plans and specialization.

connection #2: friends mean the world to be and although some may argue that i pick them up like m&ms scattered on the floor, just remember that not all m&ms are created equal =P when i was a kid, i used to love the green ones. they'd always be the last to go.. the brown ones would be gobbled up first. nowadays, it's the blue ones that are the last to go. sometimes, i feel gloomy and bask in the presence of the red, orange and yellow m&ms to cheer up and it becomes their turn to be the last to go. to be able to go back and save one green m&m for last isn't a bad feeling. neither is revisiting that odd speckled one in the shrek edition. to remember the feelings from days of yore and reconnect again ~ mmmhmm. absolutely delicious =)

connection #3: new friends! think of them like umm... jolly ranchers! a different variety of candy, but candy nevertheless. they come in lotsa interesting colors and flavors and they start to grow on you. especially if you find something in common with them. to be able to connect with someone, who in essence is a complete stranger, isn't such a bad feeling either =)

connection #4: the misconnection. the one that had its microwave signals disrupted by the thunderstorm as it travelled back to its base receiver miles away. this one isn't so good and i'm working on enhancing the signal but man, is it hard. familiarity breeds contempt they say. how i wish it wasn't true. i tell myself that he's trying really hard because he cares, so i shouldn't blow my top and be rude. it's awfully hard to and i feel miserable for snapping.. right after i curtly reply my daddy on the phone. bleah. i need a daddy-relationship counsellor =(


another couple of strings around my finger to add to the others...

string #8: no matter how mad you get, never resort to violence and slap your colleague. especially not with a bloody glove in the middle of surgery. it might not be a good idea to retaliate either.. aiyaiyai people!

string #9: just because someone is a doctor doesn't make them automatically right. same goes for teachers. learn to question, learn to believe in yourself yet learn to keep that ego the same size. hard stuff! all the more i do respect those consultants who manage to acheive sucha balance.

string #10: work on remembering people's names. it makes a world of difference and the patients like you a whole lot better when u know that they aren't auntie may from the other side of town. it also gets you brownie points in examinations where you have demented examiners.. trust me, i just met one on tuesday.

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