another helping of strings around my finger

more "notes to self" to add to the previous list. but before that... here are some totally unrelated gookiness...
this is for firefox fans ~ a series of firefox-themed wallpapers brought to my attention by dkxeon. i like =) for those who lean towards books rather than electronic animals, but are at a loss at what to read next... well, enter the name of a book that you've enjoyed and they will suggest other books you may like. should you suddenly feel like Lady Macbeth, you may want to invest in this ring la spice from the spiffy people at iluren.com. if you do like electronic animals, maybe you might want to settle for some pixel blocks and make your own. all this too geeky for you? =) chill out with some caffeinated lip balm! well.. actually, you might get more pumped up than usual with it but it'll put you in the perfect mood to test drive pergeot's moovie or 20cup. rest assured that although they have odd names, we are talking about cars here! if you prefer to sit down after all that excitement, the scooterdesk may be perfect for cooling down as you catch up on all the backlogged work you need to do with the help of your ringpen in your office-in-a-bucket.

and now, for some strings:
  • string #5 ~ respect the nurses. just because you're a doctor doesn't mean you're superior (although some doctors with overinflated egos may beg to differ). in the words of one of the ED nurses as she imparted her wisdom to my friend... "you guys should respect nurses you know. ["of course! everyone deserves respect no matter who they may be!" interjects my friend] we may not know as much as you guys, but we sure as hell know enough to make life hell for you if you don't." wise words indeed. duly noted!
  • string #6 ~ along the same vein, never call some "just a [insert profession]"... it doesn't go down very well with the recipient of the message, no matter how frustrated you may be. the poor, misunderstood and short-tempered dr. acidophilus was mistakenly thought to be a lazy wanker by the midwife on duty. she mouthed "wanker" over his shoulder at me, so there was no mistake about what she thought about him. all he wanted to do was give me experience by letting me handle the morning antenatal clinics by myself. i loved the idea and couldn't wait to be calling patients into my own room with my own desk and nobody to look over my shoulder! the midwife was concerned about my mental health and thought it wasn't fair to push me, "just a student", into such a situation. she stood her ground, dr acidophilus stood his. he got frustrated and spat out to the midwife that "I'M the doctor here. YOU are just the midwife. go away! no, go. away. now. ...go. away." with a wave of his hand. oooooooh boy..
  • string #7 ~ do not get swayed, learn to stand your ground. it doesn't always mean that one needs to be an arrogant prick but sometimes, you have no choice. like how dr acidophilus was to the midwife. anyone else can tell you their opinion, but once you make a decision, you need to be held responsible for that decision. if things go wrong, your head rolls... not that of the midwife who nagged you into changing your mind. that passing intern's head stays put even though you listened to him at the time. you can't tell people "but the nurse told me so!" and expect to be freed from bearing the responsibility of an unwise decision... so stand your ground. if it's shaky, at least stand on the ground you most likely will believe in.

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