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should anyone need educating on the meaning of late, please travel back in time and spend today with me. keeping to the spirit of today's theme, by the time this entry is blogged, it'll be tomorrow. yay!

it was one of those days where i wish i had a rewind button just so i can go through it the way i had meant to the first time around. i woke up late this morning, meaning i had to run out to the foyer in my pjs, messy hair and morning breath to grab printerless L's flashdrive and print out her assignments for her. meant i couldn't go hand in my assignments with her as planned. ah well, i used the time to get ready for the expedition to sydney that was meant to commence mid-morning. at the sound of the bell that was the phone, i jumped and was raring to go. heart sank to hear the words "i've been naughty" ~ L had been sleeping for the past few hours. we'd be running late. i had a 1pm lunch appt in sydney and at the time, i thought i could make it with half an hour to spare. one hour later with no L in sight at the parking lot to pick me up, i had to shove lunch into the dinner slot.

it literally turned my plans upside down. i had planned to meet up with B for lunch and do shopping afterwards. what ended up happening was me, trudging up and down george street in various modes of transportation with 4 boxes of krispy kreme donuts. we all ended up meeting B for the first time after half a dozen phone calls and telephone tag. we met over coffee, or lack of because with my luck today, all the coffee places in the area had already closed by the time we met. gawd, what an awful way to hold a first meeting. i swear i'm usually not this disorganized!! i hope his box of krispy kremes make up for some of the bad first impressions =( dunkin' donuts indeed...

apparently, i wasn't the only one running late all day. the two other people the shuttle bus had to pick up on the way up to newcastle were on two different flights that were both nearly an hour late. meant my pickup time was nearly an hour late. meant i got home nearer to 11 than the 7pm slot i had planned.

ahh i'm at least alive and well, but very late. please.. i've learnt what the word late means and i've learnt it well. please don't arrange for anymore follow-up sessions! and so, with these misadventures, i begin my one week holiday!

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