four days into the obs/gyn rotation and i feel like i've obtained enough "moments" to last me a lifetime or two. i'm being lazy by compiling a list of things again, but you gotta believe me when i tell you i'm pooped. obstetrics and gynecology... i love and hate you all at once =(

List of Things Done and Gone
  • my social life has been more happening this week than any other week ~ i managed to go out and meet an old friend over a bowl, yes bowl of white hot chocolate. mmmm!
  • in terms of academia, i've clocked more hours per day, well even per week, than the private obstetrician when she's in the operating theaters. i worry for my legs, especially varicose veins and my back is killing me. kinda sad to realize that i'm not cut out to be the surgeon i wanted to be =(
  • on the upside, i almost fulfilled that little bit of gossip going around about my doctor boyfriend. almost is the imperative word here. obviously, i have a soft spot for strays ~ this registrar just moved up to newcastle for 2 months, didn't know anyone and was willing the previous surgical team to hurry up with his "aiyaaaaahh!"-ing about having to do the last caesarean outside the OTs as we waited for the xraying to finish. we didn't stay in the OT cuz well.. i don't exactly fancy having my gonads fried...
  • also on the upside, i saw my first 2 babies being delivered for the first time. gross i tell you.. they come out with a layer of white moldy fungusish stuff covering them and look absolutely hideous until they're wiped and swaddled. a face even a mother couldn't love, i tell you! i'm having second thoughts about having kids after seeing the pain and surgery involved... i'm petrified. i also saw my first hysterectomy and got the chance to assist, zapping a blood vessel close with the diothermy and exercising my muscles by retracting the bladder. i even saw my first set of ovaries, one of which was cystic and decided to burst halfway through the surgery when the doctor accidentally brushed it. *squirt* it went. a stream of straw*colored clear fluid shot across the room. it got stuff about a foot away... mighty impressive, i must say!
  • more happy news ~ my "survival kit" that A customized and put together arrived yesterday. wow.. flabbergasted!! it was so pretty with all those mini milo bars sprinkled all over the box and the instructions were jaw-dropping. i wasn't expecting anything near what i got at all! i still don't know why i got sent a survival kit, nor think that i deserved some of the stuff in there but i really appreciated the spontaneity of the whole thing and i'm glad to hear that A had a lotta fun putting it together =)
  • in other news, i somehow gave myself a huge bruise on my knee and i only noticed it today ~ 'twas the first decent bruise in several years really. it's as big as a flattened mothball-sized piece of play*doh! go me!
List of Things to be Done
  • catch up on sleep
  • remember to eat
  • send car to the bodyworks shop to be fixed under warrantee
  • sleep
  • drink more water
  • catch up on paperwork
  • catch up on emails
  • catch up on sleep
  • try not to polish off my stash of cookies, chocolate and nutella
  • have i mentioned that i needed some sleep?

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