classic amy moment #1

i booked my hotel rooms in sg! i was so excited i blurted it to my girliefriends.. i got even more excited when one of them said she could stay over. a few minutes later, another one said she could too. slumber party's in the making!! there was one last friend to contact. i haven't seen her online for the past 2 years. i believed she still had her icq account so i sent this msg off to her:

i dunno if u still use icq but here goes.. i hope you get this message. i'll be in sg from dec ** - ** and i'm staying at the *** hotel. hope you'll be free during that time. lu is gonna stay over on the ** and i've asked liz, but no reply yet. it'd be great if u could come too.. then we can have a sleepover! =)

it was only after sending the msg that i decided to check her user info to search for an email address. this is what greeted me:

ICQ Number: 129-***-***
Name: ali baba
NickName: *e*n
Address: Singapore
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 9/20/1939
Age: 65

going by that info, we're gonna get a 65 year old ah pek coming to join us for the slumber party. i hope it's just S being a dork... i really should stop assuming things!

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