all done!

just got back from my pediatric long case ~ it could've been better, well.. i could've done better but med school just breeds mediocrity so i'm just glad it's over and done with. just pass me dammit! is the slogan nowadays... a far cry from the amy of yore. the stereotyped asian whose heart sank and felt truly ashamed for getting a 98% instead of a 100%. funny how i was just as happy with a 99% but not those 98%s...

i can't believe how fast that hour whizzed by... "hi, my name is amy. i'm a 4th yr med student and i was wondering if it's ok with you to have a chat and then examine the birthday girl afterwards?" before i knew it, it was time to go. "one last thing... i just need to get your head circumference so i'm just gonna wrap this silly piece of paper around your head and give you a temporary princess crown ok?" then i was off to skye's office to sit there in silence for 20 minutes, furiously scribbling down what i'd present to murray and ian whilst almost forgetting to plot the growth parameters against the charts. then came the presentation and the questions. those who're interested can read more about the birthday girl below.

i can't believe how fast these 8 weeks have whizzed by... "hi, my name is murray and i'll be your course coordinator for pediatrics." before i knew it, it was time for the pediatric dinner. "one last thing... how did you think you went? we always like to ask students how they think they did before we tell them if they've passed or not." then i was off to bara to sit here in silence to type up my long case, blog and then face those awful assignments that are due by 5pm friday afternoon. but not before preparing to go out for a catch-up dinner with nuls and abs and a few others. not before getting ready for the rotational pediatric dinner tomorrow night with our tutors and such. not before making a hella lot of little trinkets out of that shrinky dink stuff i just got in the mail.. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ~

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