an abundance of mothers

i think i have a knack of picking up surrogate mothers...

3 god-mothers to date, 2 sets of friends' parents that have taken me into their fold, 1 extremely doting aunt (the kind that gives you your own cordless curling iron when you turn 8, your own phone/cassette player/radio thing when you turn 9 and a puppy when you turn 10 among other things) and today, i picked up another surrogate family at my GP placement.

i don't know what possessed Dr. MM to invite me over to her house for dinner after spending just 4 hours with her on our first meeting this morning, but invite me she did. i thought i adored Dr. R at my last placement but MM is slowly climbing up my personal ladder of idols next to Dr. R. (well, for lack of a better word. i don't exactly feel strongly enough to idolize anyone) small world it is, to find out that Dr. R used to be part of this clinic that i went to this morning before going solo. surely it couldn't be due to the fact that the two GPs i've gushed about were both newcastle graduates... that 150 year old clinic must have some secret recipe for producing such awesome doctors.

MM made it her personal crusade to make sure i'll be introduced to all the little towns and retreats the "locals" visit around the newcastle area before i graduated. she also sent out my dinner invite before knowing my life story in a nutshell. i don't know whether to be slightly well.. not offended, but i feel a little like an orphan or a stray puppy. she insisted that i have to go to dinner at her place, to act as a surrogate family for me and to take her seriously when she says not to hesitate if i should need any sort of help or support from her. she emphasized seriously three times. sigh.

what is it with motherly instincts and kids out in the world alone? the last time i had a dinner invite from one of them (as opposed to one of us, or one of my friends) was from two of my junior college teachers upon learning that i was home alone for that week as my mom gallivanted around taiwan. you should've seen the horrified looks they each sported on separate occasions, as if they were ready to call the SPCA.

how much is that doggy... originally uploaded by thoughtwax.

oh don't get me wrong... i'm very flattered that they would even consider inviting me to their home for dinner. i don't know about you, but i think it's a rather personal thing to allow what technically constitutes as a stranger into your private life so to me, those invitations are an honor in a way. i just don't like the bit where i feel like that doggy in the window..

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