weekend wrap-up

only in australia...

will you find a website dedicated to bathrooms.. the national public toilet map to be exact. a project of the national continence management strategy, under the wing of the department of health and aging. ahhuh. dudes! when you gotta go, you just gotta go! unless you make a printout of the public toilets near your destination(s) for the day, you're not really gonna have time to go online and do a search for the nearest john... will you? looking at the map, they got it from whereis.com.au, our online street directory thingie. to have the option of seeing the locations of public toilets, shopping centers, places of worship and such on there would make sense, but even the whereis.com.au people don't have the option of searching for public lavoratories on their own site. i guess bathrooms don't exactly belong in the "places of interest" category huh...

only in america...

will you find such overpriced, but awfully cute usb thumbdrives that you can "adopt" by mimoco.com. i love the marketing ploy and i almost fell for it too, until i realized that the prices were in greenbacks, not aussie dollars. 90.. ninety bucks for a 512mb drive! yes, fairybit may be cute and she may have been concocted by the mimoco labs as one of their mimocobots, but hey! gimme some pots of nail polish or acrylic paint and some sculpey and i'm sure i could whip you up a cutiepie. she might not be as refined and you may see my fingerprints imprinted on the clay but hey.. it sure beats shelling out US$90 for fairybit!

totally unrelated.. do you remember my music madness over an electric violin a while ago? well here's a one up! remember those pianos in the middle of malls that would play by themselves? my mom used to tell me that a ghost was playing, so stay away and don't touch. man, the things parents get away with telling their kids! anyway, this is the violin version of that.. the world’s first player violin, according to the folks at QRS.

i do apologize for the random jumps of subjects ~ blame that sore throat i woke up with on thursday morning. it must've liked me a lot because it hung around. by thursday night, it had invited its friends over and were having a party. there was a lot of farting going on, but it's not what you think! 'twasnt the smelly kind but it upset my thermostat enough to gimme consistent readings of 39.6s - 39.9s throughout the night. (that translates to high 103s in fahrenheit). managed to quell it somewhat with T's lemsip and panadol.. enough to let me go to NICU, walk out after 5 mins to puke, walk back in and stand for another 5 mins b4 getting queasy and to get my logbook signed off as i got chided and sent straight home. not the best place to be when one is feeling sick, that NICU. neonatal intensive care unit. i felt like i needed the intensive care =(

the nasty party bugs lasted through to saturday until i took some of A's nurofen. it worked the second time and now, i'm stuck with my motion-activated headache and the initial sore throat. i guess eating spring rolls yesterday didn't help *oops*

it always takes something like this to make me realize how much i miss being home, where my mom would hover around and annoy the heck outta me, but ultimately treat me like a princess til i got better. to realize how much the state of being healthy is taken for granted and how much i miss it now that i'm sick and miserable. yet, despite knowing this and having gone thru this many a times, i'll be back to taking healthiness for granted once i get better. i just know it =(

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