music madness

been listening to vanessa mae and the bond girls ~ now i'm all psyched up to try learning a portable instrument. i still miss the singing but it's no fun singing alone. anyone in oz want to start an a capella group? *grin* had my share of the piano.. don't want a keyboard either. it's not like the real thing.. so that got me thinking.. something i can play in my dorm that's quiet. ahh.. something electric so i can put on a set of headphones and still play...

came up with electric flute but well... and anyway, flutes cost well over one grand so.. *strikes off list*
and then i saw it..

even tho i don't know how to play the violin yet.. (i can pluck at a guitar. i mean pluck, literally.)

it's cheaper than some of the traditional violins! this goes for $499.. tho now that i think about it, i'm not quite sure if that was in american or australian currency. but ashton's an ozzie brand.. hmmmm.


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