you give some, you take some

i can't believe i broke my phone.
i've been swearing at the indestructability of all nokias ~ i've dropped all 3 models i've owned before more than just a smattering of times, more than just an oopsies!. think kamikaze phones to match my kamikaze chai. they've been catapulted from open bags, they've been dropped on blazing hot parking lot cement, they've sploshed in millimeter-high puddles and been splashed with gastronomical concoctions. yet, they somehow made it through. i applaud their ruggedness despite lacking rubber paddings, but 'tis also a reflection of how much of a klutz i really am. *hangs head in shame*

as of 7pm aest, my spotless record of my phones outliving me was tarnished. *splat* went the first phone i've outlived. my ringtones! my customized wallpaper! my unfinished games! my phone numbers! (can't you see where my priorities lie? hee) they're all gone *bawls* this will be the 2nd time i need a new phone out of necessity. i started out with what A calls "The Brick" ~ the nokia 5100 before they revamped and rubberized it. stupid me.. i thought the higher the number, the more recent the model. ah-huh.

i can't believe i sold my phone.
i picked up a white nokia 3300 when i was in singapore the following week. i was so happy with it i swore i'd never get another phone unless it broke. i really couldn't imagine a nokia breaking... i was already picturing it at my wedding day, at my golden anniversary... no, i'm not that loony. but i seriously thought it'd see me through the rest of my degree. and then it got stolen at sydney airport. the chick that picked it up even called up nuls to ask if she knew the owner of the phone. but the chick never called me even though nuls gave her my number [insert a buncha grunts and death stares]

i can't believe i lost my phone.
with my baby stolen (hey, i had glued little sparklies and stuff on it and twas fully customized with a reverse blue/white screen, glow in the dark translucent baby blue cover and all.. bah!), i had to get a replacement asap because a very important call was expected to be directed to that very phone i had just lost. long story short: long lost brother of 40 yrs to my dad's friend was just located after this friend arrived with my parents in sydney. aforementioned long lost brother of 40 years was meant to call back after he knocked off from work so the siblings could arrange a time and place to meet up that night. i needed a phone. nobody else had one, the group was checking outta current sydney hotel that day. amazingly, things worked out and we managed to get my temporary number passed to the brother.

and so, i came into possession of my blue nokia 3100. i once again swore that i'd use it 'til it gave out on me. i never thought the day would come so soon. on hindsight, i see a trend here. maybe i should stop swearing to never buy another phone as soon as i get a new one.

i can't believe i broke my phone.
waiting for takeout at the noodle box (salty expensive fake chinese takeaway. supposedly healthy. very cute logo. very bright red. it satisfied my junk food craving so it must've not have been as healthy as advertized.).. waiting waiting waiting... and *plonk* went my phone. "what kinda special noodlebox floor did they put in there?!" a voice in my head screamed. a little voice answered the other voice in my head with "the kind that breaks phones amy.. the kind that breaks phones." i picked it up, surprised to see a blank screen. hmmm odd.. so i turn it on. started up fine and then it hung. switched it off. switched it on again. it flickered at me and then died. i've been periodically trying to turn it on all night to see if this is some bad joke gone on for too long. my poor phone had enough and wouldn't even flicker it's little white light to say hi by midnight. i tried connecting the pc cable to extract my numbers ~ they weren't stored on the sim card. as luck would have it, i didn't reinstall the nokia proggie after my harddisk died on me a few months back. now i can't find the installation cd. fun fun. *takes out cardboard box and shovel. will look for nice grassy patch tomorrow*

sigh. now tell me... is this an omen telling me that i should be packing up and heading back to taiwan? my bank funds are depleted, my phone died on me. well ok, the reasons seemed more compelling as they ran through my head. in print, they're just a lousy list of two.

ah well..
thank you guys for all the gambatte!s and well wishes for my exams. i'm not going to bother with politeness on this occasion ~ i'll be hoarding all the luck, rainbows and pots of gold thrown my way! and the point of the post... for those of you with my cell phone number, i'm obviously not going to be answering any calls until i can get a new phone. get me through my landline =)

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