i bought my most expensive cup of chai ever from gloria jeans. never again, will i be buying drinks to take up to the john as brekkie. (no, not the bathroom. the john, as in john hunter hospital... although there are some striking similarities o.0)

thought i would be indulgent and pick up some blueberry teatime + chai tea + hot chocolate on the way to our study session at the john yesterday. smartie me.. i even asked for their little tray to carry the 2 steaming hot drinks in. total tab thus far: $5-something + $8.60 for the drinks.

halfway up the blasted hill to the hospital, my chai kamikazied when the traffic light turned green and i was ready to zoom up the hill. my little cup of chai ejected itself from it's snug little cardboard holder and dove head first under my passenger seat. it's friend, the hot chocolate, tried to follow... but being frumpier with a couple marshmallows, it didn't manage to free itself from it's cardboard confines. at least not fast enough.. i already had one hand on it's naughty little lid by then. other hand was on steering wheel, body was sprawled across the passenger seat, no eyes were on the road and foot was on the accelerator. thank goodness it was a straight stretch of hill at that point..

5 minutes later, after pulling into a parking space (i assumed the chai had emptied itself all over my car's floor carpet anyway... might as well find a decent parking space and park properly. 10 more seconds won't kill my already dead carpet).. i jumped out, opened the passengers' side door to inspect the damage. no sign of chai.. all of it was very happily meshed into the soaking wet floor. what surprised me was how much of it had remained in the cup.. a good two inches worth left =)

lucky me, 'twas the long weekend. meant nothing was open. ended up getting a mini detail at my usual carwash, it being the only place that was open on a saturday. even then, they were gonna close in 45 mins ~ the visit almost ended in a nightmare. the guy had my keys in his hand, was talking to another customer, left my keys in her car and she drove off. a very harrowing 15 minutes later, she drove back to return the keys. *phew!!*

other than the little booboo, the visit 'twas a good thing ~ been meaning to wash my car for months... and most importantly, it'd mean there wouldn't be foul off-milk smells by tuesday when everything was open again. my tab increased by $40 tho. *sigh* fair enough, i thought. well worth having a clean, nice smelling interior with spotless exterior. and no more brake dust on my alloys!

seems like things weren't meant to be. it started raining cats and dogs an hour later...
*glares at the evul chai tea that started it all* my only consolation was that i had 2 inches worth of it sloshing around in my tummy at the end of the day *beams*

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