pop goes the weas... toad

i'm still very disconcerted by what's happened to my blogger friend... everything's been whizzin' around my head, very much like the golden snitch of harry potter fame. it's even making the same noise. *bangs head*

seems like i'm not the only one with something to say about my friend's predicament. in light of this, i should draw up a disclaimer and auto-tag it as a signature to each post. or maybe i should rummage around online for things to make posts private... which may mean tackling wordpress. or maybe i should do both. gah! but why should i self-censor my posts in anticipation that someone won't like what they read? and i don't want to install wordpress! i hate conforming to the norm, to the masses. yes, i use hate. it's an incredibly strong word but the feeling gravitates towards that than to disdain, reluctance, loathe or dispise. it's a mishmash of all that. but then it brings up the irony of being unique. "you're unique, just like everyone else" is the cliched phrase that always comes to mind. it bugs me, only because it rings so true. bah, i'm rambling.. blame the snitch. shhhhhhhh!

on a lighter and completely random note, this is what my mailbox linked me to. the toads haven't been having it easy lately either..


lystyl said...

Already done. =) Everyone's scrambling, it's ridiculous.

æmii ~ said...

i don't think anyone ordered scrambled eggs *sigh*

(as an aside, that kinda loosely sounds like "re-think you louse") (^.0)

Army said...

Excellent site, enjoyed my visit! I will be back soon!