my booster shot of chinese roots

*beams* been kinda of lost lately and seeing your msn nick brought me back ^.^ thank you Jc, i needed that ~

ever had these moments? ones where all your troubles seem to fade away with those few magic words and everything seems to make sense all of the sudden? MMmmhmmm..

something i got from a temple in tw this time around had this.. sonnet? *blink* i guess you can call it a sonnet. it's not a haiku.. it's in the chinese version of the iambic pentameter but well, here're the first 2 lines:
yue chu guang huay si hai ming
qian tu something wei jian tai ping

lol, i realize that it may sound like gibberish.. (amy.. chinese...amy... chinese....*looks back and forth between the two* no matchie! i miss typing in chinese tho.. the whole thing's like pictionary to me, picking out words that look familiar and making them up along the way ~ ) even to those that know chinese but i just wanted to share that i'm not freaking out over academic stuff anymore and my brain's back from it's 6 month vacation to never-never land ^.^ at least for the day.

may i be so bold to hazard the statement that amy's back?
or is this just a confirmation that i've not only got restrictive lung disease and raynauds, but that i'm also schizoid...

apologies to those i've scared off ~

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