came back home from lectures to find my little gaim man blinking at me. *click click* went the mouse and up popped 4 urls. sinking feeling from first hearing about my friend's case started coming back. intuition proved itself right this time..

i debated whether i should be venting here or not for a while. by posting, i'm adding to the media circus this whole incident is turning out to be. i don't wanna do that. doesn't help that i don't like being one of the masses. i see a trend and i tend to avoid it. bandwagons tend to break down a lot and the ride is only as good as it lasts.

it's no longer about the intial event that sparked the mexican wave of commotion anymore. maybe i'm taking this wrong.. i'm not in my friend's situation so it'd be horribly presumptuous of me to say i know what he's going through. (here comes the but!) but as an outsider to this incident, one removed from the singapore blogosphere, i'm begininng to find the whole reaction much akin to a headless chicken race. the disclaimers, the <.strike> tags being used to maintain a post's original condition, the inaccuracy of the new reports of original event.. the telephone game comes to mind. sure, there are people putting a lot of effort to turn this into a learning experience, to analyze both sides of the story, to be a source of information to interested people but one can't help get the feeling that my friend is being used as a scapegoat to champion the cause and future of bloggers associated with singapore.

but to bite my tongue and not post....
well, this started out as my personal vent-space. to chronicle the itty bitty bits of everyday commoness for my sake. to not post would defeat the purpose of this blog and get me mad at the fact that i can't post what i want in my own blog... and that would get me wanting to vent about not being able to vent anyway. bah!

*shrug* i'm obviously not the only one concerned about my friend and what the future will bring, as blatantly documented by the numerous sites reflecting their own opinions on the matter. dishing out "leave him alone, let the hoo-haa die down" yet disregarding my own medicine to blog about the very matter anyway.. i'm a walking hypocrite. arghhhh :( what do you do...
i used to say that i'd be scared to be my patient, but i think i'd be scared if i was my own doctor.

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