man dates. man-dates. mandates?

V sent over this article from the NY Times about The Man Date and well.. it's an interesting concept. you need to register to read the article, but it's free. for the lazy ones out there, here's a copy of the article. *click on the pic to enlarge it if you want to read it* (yes, im cheap. instead of hosting it and using up bandwidth, it's a jpg file on imageshack, hee)

Sooo.. does this ring true for the guys? No point directing the questions back at us girls. like the article says, girl dates are so common there's no need to concoct a specific name for them. we have shopping expeditions, visits to the museums, walks in the park, walks in the beach, exploring new cities, roadtrips.. and no, there's no squeamishness involved.

LOL, i love how the article ends with
A romantic date always trumps a man date.

now, does this give guys the excuse to get out of man dates now? if this rule is exercised, is the guy doing it out of the need to feel macho and manly to cause him to turn down his man date to go on his woman date or risk being labelled gay? or does the guy truly prefer to go on his woman date? hmm. assuming of course that the guy's heterosexual to begin with, that is. what if the woman date was with the annoying girl living down the hall from him who's been asking the guy out for the past year? does the guy still accept her invitation just so he can extricate himself from the man date with his childhood buddy? what would
you do? hmmmm...


sy said...

Does going for a hair cut + some shopping count?
"...2 heterosexual men socializing without the crutch of business or sports." >> I love this definition!
"...masculine overtone to grilling." >> how hilarious!
"A romantic date always trumps a man date." >> actually I give priority to the date that is first arranged. I will try my darnest to arrange the romantic date on another day.

æmii ~ said...

hehehe ~ the masculine grill. it's like the stainless steel fridge and how that's more manly than a plain white one. of course, it's gotta be tall and wide to count as manly.. a dinky one's too girly *hmmm*

aww sy! props for your priorities!