Carrying on like a curmudgeon

I don't really know what's happened between being bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and ... well, now. I think I've lived far too little to have turned cynical, yet here I already am. A thirty-something year old curmudgeon.

Facebook really isn't doing my anger issues a lot of good.

Most people contribute to general knowledge or some sort of intellectually-stimulating conversation in earnest, or with sharp wit and sarcasm. Then, there are those who are such sheep, "sharing" inane and irrelevant links that you know they've shared just because they thought it was "cool".

Seriously, the amount of people on Facebook that do things because they think it looks "cool" is ridiculously large. It's like high school again.. a global one.

The things I see on Facebook sometimes..

I do not want to see picture after picture of your ugly kid. I'm sorry to be so blunt, but your kid looks like a bald pug and I don't fancy being scared by it when I load up my Facebook feed every time. Halloween only comes once a year.

Or those colleagues of mine with pictures of them sauntering to work in their theater scrubs. The whole point of changing into scrubs in the changing room at work every time you leave the operating theater is to keep contamination to a minimum and maintain as sterile an environment as possible. For the protection of both the health care professional and the patient. It certainly isn't professional behavior (and frankly, I call it selfish and lazy) to come to work in theater scrubs just to save time in the changing room. Those that dash in and out of theaters without a cover-up aren't any better. Seriously, do you really think that one flimsy piece of cloth that gapes open at the back is going to keep off all those little germs as you flit through in-patient wards full of sickness?!

That's why it's especially irritating to see these so-called professionals be so proud of the fact that they can flaunt their scrubs in public as a subtle, yet obvious hint that they are doctors. Most times, it gets them the girls.. or guys. Basically, it gets the attention of the layman. I think that's just pathetic.

One could argue that I don't have to be on Facebook and one could be right.

But I stay on, not to post or even be active. I stay on because I'm lucky enough to have a group of friends that happen to share similar viewpoints and tastes (or offer refreshingly different ones) and I want to stay in touch with them. Most of them are across oceans and continents, and this is an easier way to stay in touch. And I stay on and try to ignore the outliers whose inane posts and scary pictures show up on my feed, thanks to crazy Facebook algorithms that I'll never understand.

I don't know why I get irritated so easily. It's really none of my business what people wear to work, but then I can't suppress this overwhelming feeling of indignation on behalf of the patients - the same ones who are entrusting their lives to these "don't give a damn" people who call themselves doctors.
And I get mad at "them" in general.

I can't decide whether this sense of righteousness stems from a scarily horrible inherent belief that I'm better than some people, or whether it stems from a bit of jealousy.. that those people can flaunt the rules and still enjoy the fawning. Or whether it's something completely different. Or that I'm just another curmudgeon.. More things to muse..

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