Giving Back

Once again, I've been hit with that childish giddiness - that feeling that everything in the world is bright, shiny, beautiful and where the dark, lies and other monsters don't exist. To experience this first thing in the morning.. it's awesome!

I came across (as you do when you follow, then follow, and follow more links down rabbit holes) this very inspiring creation of three wee kids in Sydney who have been busy with their project, a website called Share and Inspire. They are guided along by their mom as they research graphic designers to make inspirational canvas prints for them to sell online. All proceeds get donated to a charity they have researched and picked that supports children, their families and education. The clincher is that these young ladies are aged 5, 7 and 8! Makes me squeal with glee at the cuteness of it all, compounded with the goodness! Ah... too. much. warm. and. fuzzy. feelings.

To top it off, I came across another awesome project aimed at educating kids, in a different way. The medical students at the University of Notre Dame in Fremantle have been training to not only become people doctors (good luck to you all, don't let my cynicism get in the way), but to also become Teddy Bear Doctors at the Teddy Bear Hospital! Awwww!! Why didn't we come up with something so warm and fuzzy with our medical student society? *pout* Instead, there were piss-ups and pub-crawls and "Suture Nights" and plastering workshops where half the people attended to learn, and the other half showed up for social reasons. I don't recall any philantrophic activities.. it was always about us, and never others. How embarrasing..

Anyway, I digress. Just deflated my own happy bubble. Tsk.. now I have to go inflate it again by clicking on the warm and fuzzy websites again! =D Hopefully, will be able to pass this on as best as I can once my etsy shop is up and about. Have plans of donating a portion of sales to a charity I've been volunteering with!

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