And the Journey ...kinda begins

I've gone and de-railed myself this year, and it's both exciting and scary to travel off my beaten track! From wanting to do a millions things and not knowing where to start, to STILL wanting to do a million things but finding a starting point that's propelled me in all sorts of unexpected directions, I'm finally on my way!

To do what, you might ask?

Well.. we'll see how this pans out over the next few months. Gut instinct is to be extremely protective and secretive, but this goes against everything in this retail industry I'm dabbling in. I'm supposed to go out there and flaunt my wares, to garner customers and fans and network! So, I'm starting to challenge my personal comfort zones yet again by putting it out there - I'm opening an Etsy store!

It might not seem like a huge deal, and some might ask what Etsy even is... (it's an online marketplace mainly known for the variety of handmade things people sell there, from food, clothes and stationery to the downright wtf) but I'm taking my store very very seriously. I kinda have to. I turned down a secure job for this year to embark on this crazy journey. It kinda has to work out somehow.

So here we are.

My store's nearly ready to open. My listings are slowly filling up. Bits and pieces of my required supplies are filtering in. My designs have been sent off for professional printing. I've got a logo! There's still a ton of work to do that I would never have known about a month ago, but that's what keeps me on my toes!

I guess this is all I'll let on for now. Throughout this post, I've obviously come to a subconscious decision to half tell whoever is out there without the details, for I'm still not sure I want to reveal my Etsy identity just yet. Or whether I'll try and keep the two worlds separate with different blogs. But ah well. Can decide later! Planning to launch the store sometime in April, fingers crossed!

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