starting anew

Where I am now, I would not believe my present Me if I had the ability to travel back in time and talk to my past Me - this little naive thing that just finished high school and felt the world was ending because there was no hope in getting into medical school, let alone university.

Every year since internship year, I've had my trials and tribulations. I had thought medical school was awful, and everything then meant the world. Then working life came along and completely turned that notion on its head. Now, I'm completely jaded after having survived the last quarter of 2012.

I was turning into this person that was scaring my friends, I later found out. Full of negativity, having a hard time keeping myself afloat, diverting all energy to maintaining the peace at work and leaving none for a happy home. Was always mad about something, or tired. Was always looking run down. Was not a happy camper. 

Three weeks away has helped. A lot. 

And so, with the new lunar year just starting, here's to starting anew.

May your year be beautifully wonderful... Happy Chinese New Year 2013!

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