random snippets on a rainy april afternoon

  • the chooqmobile has been upgraded
  • for someone with a new car, i feel awfully guilty. especially so when i saw the old chooq at the dealership in the used car section waiting for a new owner =( especially more so when i saw them come at the old chooq with a screwdriver to erase its identity and replace the number plates with a generic one =(( *pouts*
  • the new chooqmobile is still settling in
  • got a new neighbor who unfortunately knows neither how to take care of their car (it's got matte, lackluster paint on the body with a huge dent to one side) nor how to park (their car juts so much into my space, the new chooqmobile had to park streetside for the past 2 days *GRRRR*)
  • the surgical colleague of mine is still a dickhead
  • i still can't make up my mind about my ortho colleague - he's too inconsistent at the moment. when he's good, he's awesome. when his heart's not into it, he's awesomely awful.
  • there is never a lack of idiots to fill the hospital waiting rooms
  • one idiot got told by two registrars at different times how smoking would affect bone/wound healing.. and as the second registrar turned to leave the room promptly asked if he could step out of the department to have a cigarette..
  • another got drunk and decided it would be a good idea to climb onto his friend's back to reach the roof. don't know what was on the roof but whatever it was better be worth the off-ended broken wrist he got that required plate and screws
  • is getting very sick of hearing the tune that accompanies "i've got the moves like jagger, i've got the moo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooves like jagger" on the radio
  • is very pleased with the pot of herbs and the tiny tomatoes that are sprouting from a very under-loved balcony pot-plant colony i've had trouble attending to consistently
 and that is all..

for now ;)

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