Makes me so mad!! 

The idiot is still parked there.
I can't physically get out of the car after parking it.
Even parking's tricky, depending on the dark green car to the left.
If they've parked too close to my space, that's it.
Can't get in at all.
The idiot owner of the silver car hasn't moved it.
Still there.
They are either away, or are choosing to ignore. 
Either way, still makes me mad. 
Inconsiderate pricks. 

Any suggestions to resolve this are welcome!! 

 Have tried writing a note to them. 
The Hubbs has toned it down for me.. by a LOT. 
Said it was too angry. 
I thought it was fine. 
Maybe a tad passive-aggressive in suggesting that they risked damage to their car with it parked like that. 
It's been 2 days and am still parking the chooqmobile streetside. 
So unnecessary. 
The strata's useless. 
 Called them just after 5pm, got diverted to some afterhours office of theirs. 
The lady said I should've called back during business hours. 
No shit, Sherlock.
I would've if I could've but I don't know that the car's still in my spot until I arrive home from work. 
Which is after WORK hours, no? 

Too many idiots. 
*mutters and wanders off to chomp on some chocolate as a distraction* =(

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