another month has quickly gone
and what a month it has been
 we're recovering slowly still from
all the things we have seen!

we scooted over an ocean or two
and saw some awesome views
we ignored all the fuss from new year's day
and blocked out the earthquake news

we readied our tummies
and pigged out in style
their goodies were yummier
by more than a mile!

sushi and tamago, 
sashimi and rice
sour calpis and yakult
served up with ice!

ramen and curries,
udon in broth,
tempura and sake
we felt like a sloth

temples and fire,
coin tossing with glee
museums and ghibli
there was so much to see!

'twas a pity when we had to leave
we pouted and whined
for we weren't quite done
there were so many one-of-a-kinds

but we eventually made it back
with both bags filled to the brim
and then i realized work was to start
things started looking a tad grim

things turned out a wee bit worse
for the other guy couldn't work
it meant i was working 24/7
that first week drove me beserk!

things have settled, now that he's back
 my workload's thankfully less
yet, things aren't quite settled
for i'm still feeling stressed

but everything's good, for this weekend, i'm off!
chillaxing is what i'll do
a brand new start excites me so
gotta feeling smiles will brew!

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