and the tone has been set

Two thousand and twelve.

You've only been here for 23 minutes and you already suck!!
Am stuck in Canberra. Was hoping to catch the Sydney fireworks on TV. Please enlighten me... which of the local channels actually showed live coverage of new years' fireworks, let alone the Sydney ones? All I could find were reruns of some Barbra Streisand movie, an episode of That 70s Show, some sci-fi thing called Paranormal talking about alternate universes and gravitons (interesting stuff tho!), some Star Trek episode where some Trekkie looking like Data was making out with some Elvira-like female and Van Helsing, amongst the numerous SBS channels that included Bollywood movies. I had to search through Youtube to watch the fireworks that I could've seen from our apartment, had I been in Sydney. So, I watched the fireworks belatedly on my laptop, alone. Without the hubby. WHEN I COULD HAVE SEEN IT LIVE, even if it was via TV. Pathetically sad, even for my standards.

Spent the rest of it since I started this post talking to my parents. Lovely as they are, I had wanted to call up my grandma's place to catch up with all my aunts and uncles and cousins. I thought they'd all be there, but nobody tells me anything as usual. Turns out, everyone had left for their respective homes in different countries around the world by today. Ended up yakking to my parents for nearly an hour instead. Was kinda nice to be able to tell them I had thoughts of leaving medicine completely. Again, I blame two thousand and eleven for that change of heart.

Two thousand and twelve. You better shape up and get your act together. Don't you dare emulate two thousand and eleven or I'll kick your butt so far, you'll end up in some parallel universe. *roar*

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