The Numnut Patient

So, in order to vent my frustrations and be completely unprofessional (for I'm too gutless say these things aloud at the time), here is where I'll be collating a list of numnuts I encounter at work. Live, learn, and don't repeat!

♥  ♥  ♥

Patient is about to undergo a total hip replacement. We find out just before wheeling him into the OR that his xray bag only contains a film of his chest. He makes a complaint about the admissions process, stating it was unclear and he was never explicitly told to bring his hip xrays too.
Dude. Hip replacement. Wouldn't hip xrays be logical here? Not the sharpest tack in the barrel..

Patient shows up to ED with a fifth metacarpal (finger) fracture. Why? He punched his friend.
Dude. Stop punching people. Especially friends. People with anger management problems, especially at 16 years old, should not have the luxury to access free medical services to fix up self-inflicted injuries. Like someone once pointed out.. the guy who punched someone else's window gets his hand fixed for free whilst the window's owner needs to call out a repairman and fork out money to fix the damaged window even though it wasn't their fault. now how is that fair?!

Patient's son requests rehab for his elderly mother who is 5 days post-hemiarthroplasty (half a joint replacement) of her hip. Sounds fair enough right? Not for a demented lady from a nursing home!
Ok, so this might be the numnut son but still vexed me to no end. A few more days in hospital getting physiotherapy once a day is NOT gonna help your mother walk better. Are you mental? Rehab means following directions and doing self-exercises. You, of all people, should know as you've got a physiotherapist of a daughter and been through rehab yourself. You seriously think your demented mother who can't speak a word of english and cutely woots like an owl will be able to benefit from rehab!? Get real.

Patient cuts her finger a a tin can. Shows up in the ER with her employer (she's an au paire). Everytime someone approached her to do anything (like look at her cut, insert a cannula, etc), she screams like a moron with a litany of "no no noooooo!" in that flat, obnoxious way a two year old would as a tantrum erupted.
FFS, grow up. I don't have time to deal with an immature little brat like you close to midnight. your tendon is visible and we're doing this for your own good so shut up and deal with it. If you don't want anything done, feel free to leave the department and risk infection or functional damage to your finger. Plus, do you really want to be throwing a tantrum in front of the guy whose kids you're minding as their au paire? Idiot.

Patient complains incessantly of lower back pain. He's had it for over ten years, ever since he injured his back during a football tackle. Immediately after being introduced by the nurse, he straightens up from the pool table and clutches his hip, complaining of hip pain and proceeds to limp towards the examination room. Three steps later, he's walking with normal gait and hops onto the examination bed. Crosses his legs, takes off his shoes and proceeds to crack his toes. One by one. Inches from my face.
First of all, EWWW!! Second of all, if you're going to lie about random body parts being in pain, at least play the part more thoroughly. You must think I'm dumb, or you must not be the brightest bulb in the room, if you think I haven't done my background checks and realized you're dependent on opiods, have a history of aggression, on a detox program and is still craving your drugs. And as for the idiot registrar that asked me to see the guy in the first place, AT LEAST PUT HIM ON REGULAR PAIN RELIEF AND GET A BLOODY XRAY BEFORE YOU CALL FOR AN ORTHO CONSULT NEXT TIME!!

Patient cuts her thumb whilst gardening. That was four months ago. She shows up to the ER today because the base of the thumb looks a bit black with cellulitis and has a bit of ooze seeping out from two little puncture wounds. She now wants something done about it.
Did it not occur to you that something was not quite right when the base of your thumb started to develop this black patch that kept growing bigger? Was it not unusual to have redness and swelling and pain there too? Did you not think of seeking a second opinion when your general practitioner started to DIG at the black hole and make it worse? and last of all, WTF were you doing for the past four months?!?!

Patient stubs little toe on an outdoor sign in front of a liquor store. Aforementioned patient gets brought in BY AMBULANCE, but walks in. Superficial laceration seen at the little toe, not actively bleeding. Decided that it would be a good idea to argue with the triage nurse about how soon he should be seen, demanding to be seen by a doctor straight away. Leaves the emergency department without being seen by a doctor. First of all, it's a little fricking cut ON THE LITTLE TOE. Why the hell would you waste a few hundred dollars to call an ambulance, especially when you could have walked with the injury in the first place? And secondly, you selfish moron... your little cut on your little toe is just that. A Little Cut. What gall you have, to insist on a doctor seeing you immediately and ditch the pregnant lady who is bleeding from down there to attend to your little cut on your little toe?! Fuckwit.

Kid falls off his bike and is CARRIED into the emergency department by his parents. Said kid is screaming the house down with his swollen ankle in tow. Said kid isn't such a small kid. Twelve years old. A prepubescent teen. One that refused the ice pack to the ankle. One that is now waiting for xrays. Still snivelling. Still complaining of pain.
Look kid, unless you are Doogie Howser MD, shut up, stop screaming, take your painkillers and let the nurses put ice on your swollen ankle. Otherwise, get out of the emergency department and stop wasting everyone's time and resources. Walk out. I dare you. 


anger management

One big convoluted thought process led me to this particular thought that made me lose my train of thought.. that I cannot understand, but will always appreciate my mom not losing her cool this one particular time. It was so long ago, I can't even remember what sparked the whole incident. I vaguely remember being very upset, in my pajamas, with an equally upset mom. My dad was in Burma at the time. For some reason that I still can't fathom, my mom had me write a letter to my dad to air my grievances and she faxed it over to him in Burma. I can't even remember if my dad replied by fax or phone call, or replied at all, but the letter-writing was therapeutic in itself. I calmed down enough to go back to sleep. Back then, I thought my mom was an evil stepmother witch of a character and looked at her every so often with a look of distrust. Twenty-odd years later, I can exuberantly exclaim.. what an awesome mom for coming up with such an awesome way to diffuse a kiddie tantrum!

Backtracking a little.. this whole thing stemmed from a particularly frustrating day at work. I KNOW that everyone sympathizes with me and a lot of them get very very mad on my behalf at some of the things I deal with at work that is simply out of my control, but becomes my responsibility to correct anyway. Today was one of those tips of the iceberg that bobbed above the surface. Made me reflect on how I deal with the shitty situations at work, and wonder if there's a better way. At the moment, I take deep breaths and the mini-shit storms pass. Very few disappear like that though. The majority of time, I end up whinging to a sympathetic ear, or to the ear of someone I respect as a colleague or a friend. Sometimes, I get a dose of reality and I suck it up. Most times, I get validation and then, the anger passes. Personally, I worry that at some stage, these people I rely on to vent must surely become sick of my incessant whinges. Incessant not because I like to whinge all the time, but incessant because without fail, there is at least ONE incident on a daily basis that involves me cleaning up someone else's mess.. for the sake of the patient(s). Look, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night knowing that someone was missing their dose of antibiotics, or something important to their treatment, just because I refused to write it up "because my colleague is supposed to do it but didn't, so it's not my problem." So I continue to clean up. And I continue to whinge. 

Obviously, this isn't working out too well. I'm going to one day exhaust any good will and listening ears, or drive my blood pressure so high I bust an artery or something. But is there a better way?

Writing things down used to work for me as a kid. It still does, hence the existence of this blog. Most things are too minor to survive the one-hour drive back and still have enough kick to keep my blood boiling. Not sure what to do for now but it's something to ponder about, I guess. The saving grace is that my numnut colleague will be away for a week or two soon. I'm happier with him gone. I do more work, I'm more tired, but at least if there's shit to clean up, it's my own doing with nobody else to blame. 


Bloody Hell

I don't like alcohol. There are very VERY few wines I'll drink. These are all either dessert wines or red wines. Maybe I'm picky. Maybe I'm snooty. Call it what you want. I don't like alcohol.

Especially not tonight.

I don't appreciate being called at 11.35PM to be asked to drive an hour into hospital to review some drunk guy in his late 30s who decided it would be a great idea to stick his arm through a window and give himself a cut that hasn't stopped bleeding somewhere near his elbow.

WHAT DO THEY EXPECT ME TO DO? There's nothing major near the cut so I know it's eventually gonna stop bleeding if they put enough pressure on it and elevate it for long enough. I'm not calling a whole theater crew plus an anesthesiologist back after midnight to dig around someone's arm to burn off some idiot blood vessel that wouldn't stop oozing when I know it's gonna stop.

If I could translate all my angst about the whole situation, and my severe annoyance at having to drive all that way for some idiot fuelled by alcohol, into death stare beams ala Cyclops from the X-Men, I would GLADLY drive all that way to stare first at the stupid laceration and congeal the bleeding blood vessel, shrinking it to oblivion so it will never ever ever dare bleed again. And then, I would set my gaze on the owner of the aforementioned blood vessel and stare HIM into oblivion.

Bloody hell. Literally.

Times like this.. makes it so crystal clear to me what an idiot I am to persist and willingly subject myself to all this. A few more of these to confirm my biased beliefs, and soon, I may be outta here for good. C'mon universe, you know I've already got one foot out the door. Stop trying to hurry me along.


Shoo, Vile Bile!

Why does it happen
Year after year
Crappy workmates
My reputation they smear

I'm sick of the stabbing
The hits to the back
They act all helpful and friendly
But they're really just a quack

So year after year
I struggle and I cope
And things seem to work out
It gives me some hope

And then I forget
For just a short while
Before the next year
Again brings up the bile

So every week I wonder
And every day now too
What say I about walking away
Without anything more to do?

What a huge relief
I think that'll be
Sometimes I can't wait,
Can't wait to be free


blown away

What a day today has been
It is my destiny as I have been
I had to get at the Crowne g'day
You can meeting the press my you are
There's no point in continuing
Send a direct let you know get it right
Oh no
You have to get any of it and I get out


So much for trying to dictate through the Tab..
Let's try again, with fingers on a solid keyboard this time. The gibberish above translates to:

What a day today has been
It's one of the shittiest I have seen
I had to get up at the crack of dawn
To attend my meeting and suppress my yawn.

Oh this is hopeless
There's no point in continuing
Oh, so now you get it right
Or not.
I'm gonna have to continue this at home.


I get home after the meeting
I manage to fit in some shopping even - yay Ikea!
I plod off to work, sleepy
The radio warns of gale force winds up to 100km/hr today
So I drive along and wonder why traffic is especially bad
Things start to click when I encounter about 4 -5 different fire trucks, sirens blazing, during my commute
The radio was reporting havoc throughout Sydney, with a school having to be evacuated because its roof had been blown away.
Then I hit the hill leading up to the hospital and there's traffic.
Something clicked again. Oh no..
Could it be..
Of all the schools, it had to be the one right next to the hospital.
Of all the intersections they could block, it had to be the choke point where beyond that, there was only one way in and out of the hospital.
The policewoman didn't care that I worked at the hospital.
I should've said I was a DOCTOR and ask if she would take responsibility for poor patient care by not letting me pass. DAMN. My one and only chance to flaunt it and I missed it.
She couldn't care less and made me park down a side road somewhere and said I would just have to walk up the hill to the hospital. Because it wasn't safe to drive, she said.
So I was lucky enough to find a parking spot because the rest of the world was looking for one too. And then I got out of the car and walked. In gale force winds. In rain pouring down sideways because of the wind. With debris. Making my eyes bloodshot and watery. Hard to walk straight. Nearly blew me away. Hard enough as it is without the painful eyes. But with my luck, I had the painful eyes to deal with too. Was basically walking blindly up the road to the hospital, head ducked down, one hand on my hood to keep it from blowing off.
I looked like I had come from a heavy duty session of serious crying by the time I reached the hospital.
I think I would've been a lot safer INSIDE my car than unprotected and walking along the pavement if the winds were blowing and they were worried about injuries from flying debris. Especially when they were still trying to tack remaining roof back on at the school at that stage.
So I get into ED.
Funny how the boys avoided eye contact even though they were in my line of sight. Funny how they suddenly veered off to my right or left. WTF?! Can't deal with a girl who's been crying?
The clincher was that one of them decided to ignore the "crying" completely and proceeded to tell me about his patient he wanted me to review.
I was cranky by then. That didn't help. So I snapped that I already knew about his patient, hence my presence in ED in the first place and that yes, I know about the other patient too but could he please let me at least put my bag down and get the crap outta my eyes first before he continues? Geez.
I still had fluid pouring outta my eyes and was non-stop sniffling throughout his monologue. Guess it wasn't obvious.
Saline did the trick. Eyes better. Bloodshot though. Stupid hard contact lenses. At least I could see again without searing pain shooting through the eyeballs everytime I blinked. Was still sniffling. Went to see a patient. Was happy I had a plan. Was typing it on the computer. THE POWER WENT OUT. !@#$#!#$%#
Lost my progress notes. Computers were rebooting. Mine remained dead. Couldn't be bothered to reboot. Scribbled on paper. Should've stayed with paper I tell you. All this computerized notes stuff is clunky, time-consuming and useless during natural disasters.. when hospitals tend to be busiest. Go figure.
Anyway, the misadventures continue.
The ultrasound machine got killed during the power outage - wasn't hooked to the backup generator and we think the power surge killed it. Fingers crossed for the CT machine. All theater cases except absolute life-threatening emergencies were cancelled for the rest of the day.
I went to catch up with my intern. Put it out there straight up that I was cranky and summarized what had happened, be snappy with the handover. Halfway through, she stopped and asked if I ok because she realized I was sniffling every few seconds. WTF?! What on earth did she think I was telling her right at the beginning?!
Eventually got through the day and got home in one piece.
Now, time for bed so I can face the backlog of cancelled cases in theaters tomorrow.. *Groan*



A certain author has irked me for a while now. Let's call her Tabitha. It didn't start out that way. I didn't even know who Tabitha was.  I was perplexed at the popularity of her books, but assumed that I needed to get with the times. Personally, I prefer tales like a Wrinkle in Time, adventures by Neil Gaiman, stories about Ramona Quimby's adventures, explore with Roald Dahl, tag along with Pippi Longstocking and Curious George and ride on the Magic Schoolbus. There were places to see and things to do with Oliver Twist and Atticus Finch, and fights to win at Watership Down. There were the Witch of Blackbird Pond and the Call of the Wild, as well as the Wind in the Willows to discover. And then there was Dr Seuss! I could go on and on and on about the stories I read as a kid that I thought were on par, if not better, than the adventures Tabitha concocted. So back to my point.. I didn't see what the fuss was about.

I didn't have anything against Tabitha for dreaming up the tales she did. They're nice. Good for her. Great job in making it big. Am all for the underdogs. I'm more mortified that everyone else in the world thinks they're marvelous, like nothing else could compare. That these stories for God's gift to man. Something along those lines. Not surprisingly, with increased fame came the inflated ego. Tabitha still portrayed an image of a caring, nurturing, rags to riches "I was one of you" type of people after earning millions. That's nice of her. Thank you, I think. Sitting there amongst a band of "lucky" kids that got a chance to meet her in real life and be read to. Why would you even do anything that had the tiniest hint of inequality, given your hard past Tabitha?? Why would you want to encourage feelings of jealousy and envy amongst those kids that didn't get to meet you in real life? You cannot honestly tell me that with the level of fame and popularity you've garnered, that you didn't consider that a kid might feel left out? You, of all people, should remember what it was like to be an outcastt, to look and long, to envy.. and how painful that would have been. Or have you so quickly forgotten as the millions rolling in and the constant fawning of the media distract you?

Then came the stories of wanting more and more control. Attempting to sue another author who had written a book with a similar theme and protagonist.. many years before Tabitha got her story published. Demanding that public libraries remove copies of her stories from their shelves because everything had to tie in with the promotional schedule and a highly publicized launch. What will be next.. demanding that the Queen curtsies before speaking to her? What is this I hear of building playthings that cost more than a hundred thousand dollars.. so much for humble roots. What about giving back to charity, or to those on the streets or on dole with the same amount spent on things that are essentially there to evoke a fleeting moment of joy before the kids outgrow them, but mostly to stir envy and admiration?

And my parting shot... if Tabitha is such a great author, one who not only has an extraordinary command of her imagination, but of the English language so that her thoughts can be conveyed, then why is she still making very basic mistakes like substituting unconscious for subconscious (you will find this on her website as she describes how some real life memories served as inspirations for her stories, and how she must have unconsciously [sic] woven them into her books). How did such a thing get past the proof-readers?! Tell me why, again, why you all think she's the greatest author in the world?



Came across this patient late one night this past week. She was mere hours after having an anesthetic for her 2-hour elbow operation. She was 94 years old. Standing at the foot of her bed. With the hospital light dimly shining from one side, highlighting all those nooks and crannies. Had to do a double take.
Couldn't help but share the awkwardness...


Makes me so mad!! 

The idiot is still parked there.
I can't physically get out of the car after parking it.
Even parking's tricky, depending on the dark green car to the left.
If they've parked too close to my space, that's it.
Can't get in at all.
The idiot owner of the silver car hasn't moved it.
Still there.
They are either away, or are choosing to ignore. 
Either way, still makes me mad. 
Inconsiderate pricks. 

Any suggestions to resolve this are welcome!! 

 Have tried writing a note to them. 
The Hubbs has toned it down for me.. by a LOT. 
Said it was too angry. 
I thought it was fine. 
Maybe a tad passive-aggressive in suggesting that they risked damage to their car with it parked like that. 
It's been 2 days and am still parking the chooqmobile streetside. 
So unnecessary. 
The strata's useless. 
 Called them just after 5pm, got diverted to some afterhours office of theirs. 
The lady said I should've called back during business hours. 
No shit, Sherlock.
I would've if I could've but I don't know that the car's still in my spot until I arrive home from work. 
Which is after WORK hours, no? 

Too many idiots. 
*mutters and wanders off to chomp on some chocolate as a distraction* =(


random snippets on a rainy april afternoon

  • the chooqmobile has been upgraded
  • for someone with a new car, i feel awfully guilty. especially so when i saw the old chooq at the dealership in the used car section waiting for a new owner =( especially more so when i saw them come at the old chooq with a screwdriver to erase its identity and replace the number plates with a generic one =(( *pouts*
  • the new chooqmobile is still settling in
  • got a new neighbor who unfortunately knows neither how to take care of their car (it's got matte, lackluster paint on the body with a huge dent to one side) nor how to park (their car juts so much into my space, the new chooqmobile had to park streetside for the past 2 days *GRRRR*)
  • the surgical colleague of mine is still a dickhead
  • i still can't make up my mind about my ortho colleague - he's too inconsistent at the moment. when he's good, he's awesome. when his heart's not into it, he's awesomely awful.
  • there is never a lack of idiots to fill the hospital waiting rooms
  • one idiot got told by two registrars at different times how smoking would affect bone/wound healing.. and as the second registrar turned to leave the room promptly asked if he could step out of the department to have a cigarette..
  • another got drunk and decided it would be a good idea to climb onto his friend's back to reach the roof. don't know what was on the roof but whatever it was better be worth the off-ended broken wrist he got that required plate and screws
  • is getting very sick of hearing the tune that accompanies "i've got the moves like jagger, i've got the moo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooves like jagger" on the radio
  • is very pleased with the pot of herbs and the tiny tomatoes that are sprouting from a very under-loved balcony pot-plant colony i've had trouble attending to consistently
 and that is all..

for now ;)


Stop it, Stop Killing Me

A couple of stressful weeks have passed.
At times, barely.

Thought I was getting over it all
And then my intern drives the stake in a bit more, then twists it.

My neck of femur fracture lady from friday..
non-english speaking, complained of pain yesterday evening.
my intern wasn't sure where tho the patient pointed to her chest
Didn't think it was a heart attack but it crossed his mind. Did relevant tests.. BUT DIDNT !@$@$## chase up the results. Called up medical registrar for advice.
Repeated blood tests today. Troponins came back even more elevated than yesterday's

I asked 'em to do an ECG
Listened to the patient's chest.
Overloaded. Crackles galore. It was like a symphony made up of pre-schoolers in there.
Chest xrays showed fluid, possibly infection
THE ECG HAD INVERTED T-WAVES.. like the one from yesterday evening did. It wasn't picked up at that stage. I WAS ON-SITE AND HE KNEW I WAS WORKING. WHY ON EARTH WAS I NOT CALLED ABOUT MY PATIENT WHO MIGHT HAVE BEEN HAVING A HEART ATTACK AT THAT STAGE?! (you have no idea how pissed off I am at this whole thing. We're talking compromised patient care here..)

NOTHING was done. I got the shits and called up the med reg for today. She didn't even get called to see my patient. She was asked by HER resident to review this patient, because MY intern had conveyed the message through him. She didn't know how sick this lady was at all.

Now, my lady is getting worse. Trops are triple the amount from this afternoon. Requiring 8L oxygen to maintain reasonable sats. My colleague is on-site and on-duty until 9pm tonight and knows the events. WTF is my intern doing sending a text message to me at 6pm?! What exactly can I do for my patient off-site and why isn't he calling up the on-site registrar instead of texting?!

He will not only be the death of me, but possibly of the patient and future ones if he keeps this up!

Now please help me find a way to tell him all this without blowing my top off as I tell him...


Ignorance is NOT bliss

Another one I have to get out of my system..
A complaint letter from a patient. We all knew it was coming. The patient had been deemed a pain in the butt. The nursing staff had warned me about how difficult it was to deal with said patient. There were two bits in the patient's complaint letter that irks the hell out of me. This patient is demanding and ignorant at the same time, leading to the formulation of some pretty stupid sounding complaints.

Like how the patient got moved out of ICU on a Sunday and wasn't seen for *gasp* two whole days!! Bullshit. An intern saw this patient on Monday. Yes, an intern. Fresh out of med school. A doctor nonetheless. I saw this patient Tuesday. Worked my butt off and didn't leave hospital until just past 2300h just to speak to this patient and address the concerns voiced. Then drove an hour's drive back to come back AND SEE THE SAME PATIENT AGAIN THE NEXT MORNING. So wtf is this complaint of this patient about? Doctors don't see all their patients daily over the weekend unless they are sick. Newsflash to ignorant-patient!

And the sarcastic bit about "are you confused, because I'm confused!" when I FINALLY clarified who her attending doctor was after two days of chasing down consultants and registrars and answered her bloody question. She gets her answer, then QUESTIONS IT?! WTF.

It's people like these that make me want to rant and rave and cuss at the world, and pad my already-unhealthy levels of cynicism.  Ungrateful ignorant bitch.


℞: A Cup of Concrete

Every so often, my ears perk up at a bit of news that floats through my bubble of a personal space and gets me all riled up for the wrong reasons. Like this little newsflash about how parents are deeming "fairy tales" a la Hans Christian Anderson and the Brothers Grimm fame ...too scary, opting for "modern" stories instead.. whatever that means. SERIOUSLY?! For those parents out there with that perception, what do you have to say about "scary" modern stories such as.. hmm.. let's say, Harry Potter and all the seven books about his "adventures"? There's death, kidnappings, battles, and *gasp* magic in those stories. If Jack and the Beanstalk was considered inappropriate for the modern kiddo because it was "too unrealistic," then you all should really boycott the fiction section and let your kids watch National Geographic documentaries for bed instead. Wiat a second, scratch that thought. They might be too scary for your kids because they depict animals hunting other animals! Oh no. Or what about all those cartoons out there showing cutesy characters bashing each other on the head.. like the Tom and Jerry, or Wile E. Cyote vs the Roadrunner.. OR WHAT ABOUT THOSE FREAKISH TELETUBBIES?! Scary much? 'Nuff said.

Parents apparently deem classics like Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and Little Red Riding Hood inappropriate for their precious coddled young because "dwarves" is simply inappropriate for the former, and they are uncomfortable explaining to their kids how the grandmother gets eaten by a wolf for the latter story. Man, these people should go read the original tales by the Brothers Grimm (go on, download it free off Amazon and read it off your Kindle!) and then come and complain that the sugarized, commercialized versions we know as "fairy tales" are pretty damn tame. There, I cussed. I suppose this entry, hell, this whole blog is now inappropriate for kids because it has scary bad words, oh my. Oops, I said two scary bad words.

Don't deny your childen the opportunity to figure out for themselves right from wrong, black from white, dark from light. Go ahead and deem fairy tales inappropriate and "too scary" (for reasons that will always baffle me), butt don't transfer those adult insecurities onto the children. Why can't these parents grow up a bit themselves and regale their children with fairy tales that spark the children's imagination. Yes the Snow Queen was freaking scary when I first read about her in my anthology of Hans Christian Anderson tales, but I figured out for myself at the age of seven that one, she wasn't REAL and even if she was, I had learnt what NOT to do from Kai and Gerda's mistakes. Yes, I was a little too overactive with my imagination at the time but if not then, then when? To those parents polled, if there are issues with the story, why not use the opportunity to use it as a teaching tool about life? Kidnappings too scary? Why not spin the tale around and ask the kids what THEY would do if they were Hansel or Gretel? Turn it into a "don't talk to strangers" and "be vigilant, stay close to mommy and daddy when we go out" talk.

Am very very appalled at how much society has changed. In my eyes, I think that with the mentality these parents have of "protecting" their kids, they're just coddling a generation of pushovers who will grow up so insulated from all things "bad" that they won't have the mental or emotional capacity to deal with life's lows that will surely come with life's highs. Seriously people.. in the words of a senior I once worked with, drink a cup of concrete and harden up!!


another month has quickly gone
and what a month it has been
 we're recovering slowly still from
all the things we have seen!

we scooted over an ocean or two
and saw some awesome views
we ignored all the fuss from new year's day
and blocked out the earthquake news

we readied our tummies
and pigged out in style
their goodies were yummier
by more than a mile!

sushi and tamago, 
sashimi and rice
sour calpis and yakult
served up with ice!

ramen and curries,
udon in broth,
tempura and sake
we felt like a sloth

temples and fire,
coin tossing with glee
museums and ghibli
there was so much to see!

'twas a pity when we had to leave
we pouted and whined
for we weren't quite done
there were so many one-of-a-kinds

but we eventually made it back
with both bags filled to the brim
and then i realized work was to start
things started looking a tad grim

things turned out a wee bit worse
for the other guy couldn't work
it meant i was working 24/7
that first week drove me beserk!

things have settled, now that he's back
 my workload's thankfully less
yet, things aren't quite settled
for i'm still feeling stressed

but everything's good, for this weekend, i'm off!
chillaxing is what i'll do
a brand new start excites me so
gotta feeling smiles will brew!


and the tone has been set

Two thousand and twelve.

You've only been here for 23 minutes and you already suck!!
Am stuck in Canberra. Was hoping to catch the Sydney fireworks on TV. Please enlighten me... which of the local channels actually showed live coverage of new years' fireworks, let alone the Sydney ones? All I could find were reruns of some Barbra Streisand movie, an episode of That 70s Show, some sci-fi thing called Paranormal talking about alternate universes and gravitons (interesting stuff tho!), some Star Trek episode where some Trekkie looking like Data was making out with some Elvira-like female and Van Helsing, amongst the numerous SBS channels that included Bollywood movies. I had to search through Youtube to watch the fireworks that I could've seen from our apartment, had I been in Sydney. So, I watched the fireworks belatedly on my laptop, alone. Without the hubby. WHEN I COULD HAVE SEEN IT LIVE, even if it was via TV. Pathetically sad, even for my standards.

Spent the rest of it since I started this post talking to my parents. Lovely as they are, I had wanted to call up my grandma's place to catch up with all my aunts and uncles and cousins. I thought they'd all be there, but nobody tells me anything as usual. Turns out, everyone had left for their respective homes in different countries around the world by today. Ended up yakking to my parents for nearly an hour instead. Was kinda nice to be able to tell them I had thoughts of leaving medicine completely. Again, I blame two thousand and eleven for that change of heart.

Two thousand and twelve. You better shape up and get your act together. Don't you dare emulate two thousand and eleven or I'll kick your butt so far, you'll end up in some parallel universe. *roar*