Halloween 2011

So All Hallows' Eve 
Is here once more
But this year is different
From the ones before

Yes, there are things
That never seem to change
Like the Christmas decorations
In the supermarket range

Or the lack of pumpkins
That were suitable to carve
There were a few, a few weeks back
But the night itself was pumpkin-starved

But that's ok, 
Because I made do
Like every year, 
It's nothing new

The only change is
I'm now wed
'Twas a year ago today
I became a missus instead

So screw the candy
and the lack of tricks
Forget the kiddies
And the decorations for kicks

For Halloween is still not quite,
It's not quite right here, but that's alright
A feast we'll have, and a feast to enjoy
A feast for two without the fright!

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