some people have all the luck

I thought these things only happened on TV. Obviously, I'm still too naive.
Came across a gentleman in his mid 40s in clinic yesterday who explained why he was a single parent..
His wife died of lung cancer earlier this year, and his teenage son now has metastatic testicular cancer because he hadn't mention the lump he found before, due to the goings-on with the mother. The guy  now has a broken elbow from getting hit accidentally at work by his boss and can't drive.. and is now relying on his dad to chauffeur him around to various medical appointments. D'ohs all over the place!

Besides the few we've got as inpatients who are there because of failed suicide attempts, this guy has probably one of the sadder stories I've come across in a while. =(


celebrations schmelebrations

Today was a bad day at work. It was good in that I got to be in theaters all day and got to do my own unsupervised case, the first in a very long time.

But, I ache all over and my head feels like it's going to explode.
I feel like i'm an arthritic 90 year old granny.
My joints hurt when I move them. My palms hurt when I type.
I feel like one giant bruise.
I'm also dry retching again, and no, it's not to do with beta-hcg levels.

I had to quell a mob of very angry patients who had their surgeries cancelled today. they were threatening to revolt and one was a crazy drug-seeker with a verbally abusive partner.

I don't need to come home to flip through the news and find out that today is apparently R U OK day. My first reaction was "What new Facebook/chain mail fad is this now?" What kind of day is that?! Why only today? Can you not ask me if I am ok tomorrow? Or last year? Do you think that people are so dumb and so emotionally retarded that they don't have the humanity to comfort another human being feeling down or depressed, especially if it affected someone close? Seriously, who was the brilliant spark that decided to come up with another asinine holiday when really, every day should be a celebration of anything and everything that each of us want to celebrate. Why should we all observe earth day only once a year, and why should we all light candles to conserve energy for a mere few hours a year. what about the smoke emitted from the candles people burn during the blackout? Aren't there enough crazies out there, to not encourage more? Childrens' Good Manners Month, Festival of Sleep Day, Lost Sock Memorial Day, Have A Bad Day Day, Toothache Day... I could go on and on. and for goodness sakes, stop going down the path of idiocracy. I realize that a lot of these were made up tongue-in-cheek.. which makes R U OK Day even more irksome because it comes across as trying to be hip while reaching out with a serious message, a campaign of sorts. If you're going to come up with a bizzare holiday to celebrate and promote, at least learn to spell it properly instead of using  abbreviations.A good friend of mine committed suicide a few years back. He was very well OK, thank you very much.. except he wasn't. Obviously. Hence, the shock suicide. It would have taken a many R U OKs to have even seen it coming, if ever. One bloody R U OK day is certainly a tad too simplistic a dream that the day will change or save a life, just because you were part of the flock of sheep that thought it would be cool to initiate conversations, "meaningful" ones as the website states, with strangers and family alike.If people really cared that much, if they really had that awareness about them, they *should* and *would* be asking others about feelings and emotions as part of one's everyday routine.

So screw you, R U OK day. Thank you for your fake sympathy. As far as I'm concerned, the only celebrating I'm doing today is that of my hubby's birthday. Hmph.