it's been an awful week
one i walked right through
didn't care much 'bout the goings-on
or of things that are yet to brew

it's no fun being in tears
especially on a bus
no longer mad, but just heart-achey
with no further need to cuss

my head still hurts though
and i nearly got killed
my car went off road
i left me a tad chilled

my ankle still hurts
from a fortnight past
a bruised elbow to add
clumsiness shall outlast

my interns have gone
with new ones to start
i hope they don't fight
i hope they'll be smart

karma strikes, yet again
for my colleague's in trouble
she lied again, that lazy bitch
she'll need a body double

a new week starts soon
a new week of hell
i hope it's less rocky
with lesser storms to quell

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