next year is starting to fall into place

do you have any questions to ask us?
.... noo. *awkward silence*

well, i've got one for you

(oh crap, time to start rifling through the memories again)

*i can't remember the exact wording. everything was a blur*

what would you say if i offered you the job right now

wow. i'd take it!

well, it's yours.

*stunned silence*

wow. thank you.

it's done. you'll be hearing from us officially soon.

...and with that, next year has already been planned. i never thought i'd be saying this, but man! am i glad to know i'll be back in sydney again! =D


it's been an awful week
one i walked right through
didn't care much 'bout the goings-on
or of things that are yet to brew

it's no fun being in tears
especially on a bus
no longer mad, but just heart-achey
with no further need to cuss

my head still hurts though
and i nearly got killed
my car went off road
i left me a tad chilled

my ankle still hurts
from a fortnight past
a bruised elbow to add
clumsiness shall outlast

my interns have gone
with new ones to start
i hope they don't fight
i hope they'll be smart

karma strikes, yet again
for my colleague's in trouble
she lied again, that lazy bitch
she'll need a body double

a new week starts soon
a new week of hell
i hope it's less rocky
with lesser storms to quell


workplace d'ohs

dear patient,
please find your common sense, or just a brain cell or two. please don't show up to clinics six months after your last appointment to whine about having to wait 1+ hours when i raise the possibility of an xray when you had all that time to get your mri done. after all, you were last told to get your mri so we could review further surgical options and unless you think we have xray vision, i don't see how else we could have helped you this time around without your scan.


dear colleague,
please stop screwing us over. especially me. if you were truly sick yesterday evening, then at least have the courtesy to inform the rest of us so we could scramble around and come up with a contingency plan to cover your 7am - 9pm shift today. we are already short-staffed and i've already had to relinquish my precious theater days to help out at clinics. it's not very nice to send us an sms at 6.11 the morning of your sick day if you had known you were sick last night already. unless of course, you are just playing hooky.


dear interns,
please tell your registrars sooner rather than later, if you're having problems with each other. we do not need to find out first from our head of department, asking us to sort you guys out because "your interns are fighting." it's hard not to laugh at the mental picture of a bunch of 20-something year old professionals with the responsibility over a many someone's life in a punch-out on the ward. i'm sure you guys were more civilized than that, but it's not nice to shout at each other either.


dear patient,
please stop being such an attention-seeker by constantly threatening us with legal action. it is not our fault that you alleged your injuries were from your boyfriend throwing you out the window, and that you no longer have a home to go to. please get it through your head that the hospital is not a hotel, that you are not allowed to be drinking bottles of wine and smoking, especially with broken bones that will be keeping you off your feet for a total of 6 weeks. you cannot decide to "visit" home and abscond from the hospital willy-nilly. we're not letting you back in the next time you pull a stunt like that. please do not even try to claim that nobody has taken the time to explain anything to you, including what injuries you have. utter bullshit. you had a fricking operation. you were shown your pre- and post-op xrays. hello? anyone home? how stupid do you think we all are, to not realize you're lying through your teeth?


there were a few more moronic patients, especially at clinic. every other one would be either called "that loser" or "that moron"..
what a day.
glad to be back home with the hubbs for the weekend =)


as nice as it is to have something interesting to share, sometimes.. like now.. i'm just glad things have settled down into a little rut. work's more tolerable now. they've revamped the roster and it makes a bit more sense. the new group of accrediteds are all lovely to work with, and very willing to teach - very awesome.

this past weekend could even be called... nice! we had the oddest of presentations to ED, including a dislocated fibula head with no associated fracture, a sternoclavicular joint abscess, and this kid that was so flexible she popped out her shoulders spontaneously. both of them. oh, and then there was the obturator dislocation of a 16 year old kid's hip from his MBA going at over 200km/hr (didn't know they could go that fast!), and the guy that slipped 3 meters down a tree to pop out his hip and smoosh his heel to smithereens with blood dripping from his open fracture at the foot of his bed. fun stuff. for me, not them.

and the best thing to look forward to right now? home in three sleeps! =D i was prepared that it would be hard to live three hours and 200-odd kilometers away from all that i called home, but honestly, i never realized it would be *this* hard. never again if i can help it!