a wee little recap

we've gone and returned - three weeks of living someone else's life, done.
back to face the cold reality, literally.

i miss the (mis)adventures we've had already!

a quick run-through of what transpired, for there were way too many things to log.
tune into flickr for a brief pictorial overview. couldn't exactly include the 8gb+ worth of shots taken in total... all shots (ie the majority) with blackmail potential have been screened ;)

crammed airplane seats. singapore stopover for 3 hours at crummy hotel. red-eyed. taiwan. family. round-the-island tour. buffets. 7-11 meals. mos burgers. taiwan beer. hualian. taipei. taroko gorge. alishan. kaohsiung. shopping. night market. singapore. tourists. matching tees. hawker centers. wedding dinners. yam-seng ambush. more family. friends. memories. food lists. foot massage. exploration. more shopping. snuffles. dslr. crammed airplane seats. car registration fail. car registration done. late start. 4 hour drive. cold apartment. restocking. looking forward to next seeing hubby.

it was nice while it lasted... sorry we didn't have more time for all.
now, time to plan for our next (mis)adventure to help us recover from post-adventure blues...

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