thirty days short

why couldn't you wait
for just thirty more days
i would then get to see you
through the taiwanese haze

everyone else, except for me
they all had their chance
to be there all the way,
to stay for one last glance

they broke the news
as we were on our way
to pick up the albums
of our special day

these albums were rushed
especially for you to see
to share with you
when here, you couldn't be

i wish you were still here
so we could give you a hug
there are so many things yet to tell you
at the heartstrings, you do tug.

so they broke the news
as we were on our way
the tears gushed out in public
much to the hubbs' dismay

to those who had passed us
on that horrid horrid day
they must've thought my hubbs was mean
to make me cry this way

it took a while to sink in
and then, i was still in shock
and the tears welled up from nowhere still
as i wished to turn back the clock

and then i thought i could,
could hold it together well
until i saw your photograph
and then the tears did swell

i bawled and bawled
and bawled some more
i had never known
such eyes so sore

now that everything is done and done
and you've become grey dust
i've finally found that closure i sought
keeping memories is now a must

the ones of you when we were young
and those of you as a hero,
a philanthropist, and a mentor,
with no cares for deniro

twelve more days until the day,
the day we were meant to meet
we're still going back as previously planned
except you won't be there to greet

i hope you didn't suffer
too much at the end
your fighting spirit was strong,
and that, i commend

i selfishly wish though,
that you could've fought more
so we could have seen you
to reminence the days of yore

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