Does this sound fair?

Yah, what the title says.. does this email sound fair?
Sending it off soon if it doesn't come across as emotionally whingy!


Dear Medical Admin,

There have been some anxiety regarding the Bega rotation amongst my colleagues for various reasons, but we have all been told since early this year that we would all need to undertake secondments to both Bega and Calvary Hospitals. To my understanding, that was why everyone's Bega terms were reduced from 10 weeks to 7 weeks once we had a 6th unaccredited registrar onboard. The remainder of the year at that stage was redistrubuted amongst the remaining registrars who had not been to Bega, so it would be equitable and everyone would have the same amount of time there.

I have spent 10 weeks at Bega myself, instead of 7 weeks because of a misunderstanding between a colleague and I. I did not agree to the arrangement proposed, but the people in charge of rostering at the time were unaware and confirmed a roster according to the arrangement proposed by my colleage. This was later resolved after an unnecessary amount of meetings and phone calls that occurred during working hours and prevented me from seeing patients during fracture clinic for the duration of these meetings and phone calls, as initiated by my departmental superiors.

As I have completed my Bega term but have yet to undertake a Calvary Hospital rotation, I am expecting to work there at some stage before the end of the working year. I feel it is important for me to receive the same working and training opportunites as my colleagues, and the current roster does not address this for several of the unaccredited registrars, myself included. I would like to suggest:

- Redistribute rotations for the remainder of the year again re: Calvary Hospital rotations amongst those of us who have not had the chance to work there, as it would be the most equitable option. This is especially in light of the major restructuring of the year's terms halfway through the year. It was done earlier this year already as previously mentioned, as it was felt that everyone should receive the same opportunities. Therefore, why can it not be done again for the same reasons if everyone involved was first consulted?
- Get written confirmation from all parties involved in a shift swap or a term swap prior to the swap being approved and the roster amended.
- Include all affected parties in the discussion and feedback prior to a major restructuring of a contracted year, especially if occuring halfway through the year and two days prior to lengthy secondment changeover.

Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions or issues.

Kind regards,

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