shut up amy, shut up.

on a few occassions here and there, i have gotten so sick of my daily rants and whines whizzing around in my head that i have this irrisistable urge to stomp my feet and tell myself to shut up.

today was one of these rare occasions.

after a horrible past week and a half of incessant whines, as justified as i may feel about them, i've had it.
i'm at that stage where i just look back at you with vacant eyes that glint of a certain stubborness and pride, challenging you to throw all you've got at me, the worst situations you can muster. and at the end of it all, you'll still see that glint asking you "is that the best you've got?"

welcome to the real orthopedic team. we've been working together for about 3 weeks now and true colors are beginning to show. some good, some worse. one backstabber already surfaced. i was the lucky victim. selfish bitch. anyway, shan't go into details. have whined enough about it in real life, especially into the ringing ears of poor hG. i just needed this extra outlet to vent out the last of my steam and i'll be fine. that doesn't mean i won't forget.. but that i'll be fine for now.

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