an ode to the rooster cow

my blog, my rules, my domain!
SO... i've decided to plug my fingers into my ears and shut my eyes really tight
i'm gonna ignore everyone for just one night
as i chant "lalalalalalalalalalala" without restrain!

for those of you who shiver and shudder at mushiness, as i once have, steer clear and stop reading.
you have been warned.


i've never met anyone
who loved me for me
except for my parents
as anyone could see

as dense as i am
though i see it now
it took three-odd years
to find my dear cow

the rooster he is,
and a rooster he'll be
yet he insists on being
a cow full of glee

it never ever occurred
to my wee little brain
that someone else
could love just the same

the new year has barely
started to roll
yet tears have splish-splashed
as events took their toll

yet through the ups
and more through the downs
you make me smile again
especially through my frowns

i'm thankful and grateful
and so full of awe
that you're here with me
tho ain't sure what you saw

so thank you dear hubby
i love you so, you know
to the rooster-cow i married
you know, i love you so


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