the backstabber strikes again

dear selfish bitch,

you do not get to screw me over yet again.
i thought you were young, green and naive. a bit like me. oh, ho... how wrong was i!
i tried to help you out by working the second weekend at our new workplace because you had "personal problems" as you told the group. you told me you just wanted the weekend off because it was your birthday.
i still went soft and agreed. it was the worst thing i've ever done. i lost my wedding AND engagement rings that weekend because i took your shifts. i was never supposed to have been there at all. i would have never lost my rings that weekend if not for you.

and then you screw me over by lying to the powers-above that i agreed to go to bega. then you rub it in by messaging everyone else but me an sms of thanks, that you were helping me out by going down for two weeks. what a bunch of bullshit. especially when people already knew you were picked to go to bega first and hence, if anything, i would be helping you out by going down the third week.

so now, you send an "updated" roster where you've penciled your own leave in, and conviniently forget that you had agreed to work my upcoming weekend shifts in exchange for me working yours that weekend i lost my rings. you then wrangled your way out and have roped in another colleague to work this weekend shift you took off me and now, that colleague has bailed and you've run into rostering problems yourself because of all the shift swaps you've done.

so i've sent out a mass email to everyone letting them know that i am not working the upcoming weekend shift. you do not get to screw me over again with your selfishness, bitch.

unkind regards,

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おにぎりまん said...

Good for you. I too hate unappreciative people.