And the whinging begins.

It's been one and a half weeks at Canberra, and I haven't even worked through all of it yet but I'm sitting here with a whopping big headache trying my very hardest to convince myself that I can make it through the rest of the year. I miss hG. I miss home and all things familiar. I think I'm too old to do this whole uproot-your-life-and start-new thing anymore.

The place is great to visit with friends or family - museums galore and the Floriade! It sucks to live in, especially by oneself. Even more so in a dinky apartment infested by bugs. Dinky, I don't mind. No airconditioning in weather that gets up to 37 degrees celcius, I can live with. Bugs, I mind. A lot.  Dodgy neighbors give me the creeps. It sucks when you don't feel safe coming home from work every day. Am always on the lookout as I climb up the 4 flights of steps to my apartment. I don't relax until I twist the deadbolt shut and I hear a resounding thud. This was the best apartment for rent we could find near work. Half thinking of moving out in a few months if a better place comes up.

As for work, this has got to be the most disorganized system I've ever encountered (mind you, I've only encountered about 4 or 5 other ones in my short career but still...)

Who was the smartie that decided it would be a good idea to have five different programs with five different log-ins and passwords to access different aspects of someone's file? We can't even order and view xrays on the same program, and ordering xrays might as well have been asking us to fill in an electronic operation report with all the zillions of fields to complete. Don't get me started on the amount of fuss we had to go through to GET the fricking passwords.. and even then, they didn't work. Oh, and then there's this whole thing about going electronic. We write our notes on paper, they get shuffled to wherever they go to get scanned in and a few days later (actually, I'm not sure of the timeframe), they automagically appear on the computer system that requires yet a different username/password combination to access. Gee. Saving a lot of trees here, aren't we. And then we have the rotating roster that takes me away from the bulk of the action most days of the week Or what about ... ah hell. There's got to be a more efficient way of doing things and there must be a better functioning system out there that we could implement, but for the life of me, I can't come up with one. I don't even know where to begin because it's all so ridiculously convoluted and it's driving me mad. I need a system. I need algorithms. I need some sort of stability, something that grounds me other than coming home from work to check mail, shower and sleep.

It's gonna be a long long year..

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